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The online referral service can be used to find a lawyer who practices in: Family Law – Divorce, Custody, Support, Visitation; Criminal Defense – Traffic, Felony, Misdemeanor, DUI/DWI; Real Estate Law – Tenant rights, Deeds & Contracts, Landlord rights; Labor Law – Employee rights, Unfair firing, Discrimination/Harassment; and, Consumer Law – Consumer contracts, Auto contracts, Lemon law. For all other areas of practice, please call us at (804) 775-0808, 9 am - 5 pm, Monday - Friday.


Thank you for your interest in the Virginia State Bar online lawyer referral service. Your $35 entitles you to an up to 30-minute initial consultation with a lawyer in good standing with the Virginia State Bar.

After you have pre-paid the $35 with a Visa or MasterCard credit, debit or gift card, the VLRS refers you to a lawyer based on the location of the legal matter and the area of legal practice.

The initial up to 30-minute consultation may answer your questions and enable you to solve your problem. If your problem requires additional time and work, you will be responsible for any additional legal fees. The VLRS does not provide free or low-cost legal assistance.

By using this online service, you agree to these Terms of Use and the Virginia State Bar’s Privacy Policy.

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Updated: February 21, 2019