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Meetings Minutes - August 22, 2013

Minutes of the Virginia State Bar
Real Property Section
Board of Governors

Conference Call

Pursuant to due notice, a special meeting of the Virginia State Bar ("VSB") Real Property Section Board of Governors and Area Representatives convened at 2:00 p.m., August 22,2013, by conference call. Section Chair, William L. Nusbaum, presided, and Secretary/Treasurer, Susan Walker, recorded the minutes. Also present were Vice Chair Cooper Youell, and Board members, Kay Creasman, Ken Dickinson, Steve Gregory, Whitney Jackson, Paul Melnick, Paul Bellegarde, and Randy Howard.

I. Welcome. The Chair called the meeting to order and welcomed those participating. The chair thanked immediate past chairman, Philip Hart, for his leadership of the section. The Chair further expressed condolences to Paul Melnick on the loss of his father.

II. Approval of Minutes. The Chair deferred approval of the minutes of the Joint Annual Meeting of the Section and Summer Meeting of the Board of Governors and Area Representatives until the Fall Meeting to be held on September 13, 2013.

III. Financial Reports. The Chair deferred consideration of a financial report until the Fall Meeting.

IV. Chair's Goals for 2013-2014. The Chair outlined three goals for his tenure: a) to grow the Section's membership; b) to facilitate our Section's members' ability to obtain collegial real estate law advice over the internet; and c) to convert the Section's annual budget surpluses into value for the Section.

a. Growth of the Section's membership would include outreaches both to current bar members as well as to law schools. A specific idea for outreach 19 current bar members would entail board members or area representatives working at large law firms to host a lunch meeting for his/her firm's real estate section, at the conclusion of which participants would be invited to enroll in the Section by completing a membership application on the spot.

b. Our Section's members' ability to obtain collegial real estate law advice over the internet might be enhanced either through taking the SharePoint portal which has previously been explored to the Virginia Bar Association to implement, free of the procurement issues which burden state agencies, or potentially explore a Facebook page for the Section, amongst other things.

c. On the matter of budget surpluses, the Chair announced that the Bar, thanks to the immediate past Chair's efforts, has approved a budget amendment returning $5,000.00 of last year's surplus to the Section. Several options for the use of the surplus funds were discussed. One is lo subsidize Section members' tuitions to attend either the Advanced or the Annual Seminar, but not both. A second option is to increase the unused book credit, already at $15,561.00, on account with Virginia CLE. As a third option Steve Gregory reminded the Board that at one time the Section had considered purchasing from the publisher all remaining copies of Doug Dewing's book, A Virginia Title Examiner's Manual. The Board collectively recalled that this effort never came to fruition because the publisher would not cooperate in the sale of the books. The consensus of the discussion was that Board prefers to spread the surplus as widely as possible across the Section, and that this would be best achieved by offering tuition subsidies to the Virginia CLE Advanced and Annual Seminars. Kay Creasman then moved that the existing $15,561.00 book credit be combined with the $5,000.00 surplus, and out of the combined amount the Section authorize Virginia CLE to subsidize the tuition of any Section member attending either the Advanced Real Estate Seminar in the amount of $50.00 or the Annual Real Estate Practice Seminar in the amount of$40.00. Steve Gregory seconded the motion, and it was unanimously adopted.

V. New Business.

a. Fee Simple. Steve Gregory announced the deadline of October 11, 2013 for submission of articles for publication in the next issue of The Fee Simple. Mr. Gregory indicated that Dean Butler will assist the Section by advertising for a new student assistant to replace Cari LaSala, who has graduated. Articles and topics were solicited. Considerable interest was expressed in having an article addressing the implications of the U.S. Supreme Court's decision on the Defense of Marriage Act on property rights of same sex couples across state lines with different definitions of marriage. Given the magnitude of the task, the Chair suggested that a "panel" of authors from differing perspectives could collaborate on the article. Steve Gregory requested contact information for prospective authors (David Nelson, Claire Guthrie Gastanaga) who were mentioned in the discussion.

b. Committee Reports. The Chair will contact the chairs of the substantive committees requesting them to submit in advance of the Fall meeting: i) written reports of their Committee's meeting; ii) a topic for a Fee Simple article and the name of the author; and iii) proposed CLE seminar topics. 2 {3/01/00070047.DOCX;2}

c. Law School Liaison. The Chair recognized Paul Bellegarde, who updated the Board on plans to further Section outreach to law schools. He envisions the Section working with law school faculty to provide guest speakers for real estate topics. The Chair requested Mr. Bellegarde to formulate an implementation plan to be presented at the Fall meeting.

VI. Next Meeting. The Chair reminded the Board that the next meeting will be held on September 13, 2013, at 10:30 a.m. in the Richmond Offices of Williams Mullen located at 200 S. 10th Street, Suite 1600, Richmond, VA. Videoconferencing will be available at the Williams Mullen offices in Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Newport News, Charlottesville and Tysons Comer. Conference calling will be available, as usual.

VII. Adjournment. There being no further business, the Chair adjourned the meeting at approximately 3:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan S. Walker,

Meeting Minutes (.pdf) - August 22, 2013