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Real Property

A Section of the Virginia State Bar.

Meeting Minutes - June 17, 2005

Minutes of the Virginia State Bar
Real Property Section
Board of Governors

Virginia Beach, Virginia

The Summer Meeting of the Board of Governors of the Real Property Section of the Virginia State Bar, with Area Representatives in attendance and participating at the meeting, was held at the Holiday Inn Sunspree in Virginia Beach, Virginia on Friday, June 17, 2005 commencing at 12:30 pm.

The following persons (based on execution of the roll sheet or otherwise known to be present) were in attendance: Larry J. McElwain, the Section's Chair; Douglass W. Dewing, the Section's Vice-Chair; Grice McMullan, the Section's Secretary-Treasurer; Members of the Board of Governors or ex officio members: Paula S. Caplinger (Immediate Past Chair), Lawrence A. Daughtrey, Jean D. Mumm and Nancy Kern (as Virginia CLE Liaison); Area Representatives: Courtland L. Traver, Lucia Anna Trigiani, Joseph W. Richmond, Jr., Susan M. Pesner, William L. Nusbaum, J. Page Williams, Pamela W. Sellers, Barbara Goshorn, Lisa M. Murphy, and Randy C. Howard. Herman W. Lutz, a member of the Section from Alexandria, also attended the meeting.

Larry McElwain called the meeting to order at 12:30 a.m., made welcoming remarks and had all attendees introduce themselves.

The minutes of the spring meeting held at the Kingsmill Resort in Williamsburg on February 25, 2005 were unanimously approved at the meeting, subject to changing one inconsistent date in them as to the date of the spring meeting.

A discussion of the finances of the Section next occurred with L. McElwain stating that overall that the Section does not have all of the information necessary to determine whether or not the Section is within its budget, since there remain some miscellaneous bills resulting from publishing the Fee Simple and some charges for the presentation made just prior to the present meeting, but it would appear that the Section will be just under its budget for 2005.

D. Dewing next discussed the results from the Annual Seminar that was conducted during May in Richmond, Roanoke, Norfolk, and Fairfax, which apparently was well received, although not all of the solicited comments have been sent back to him. The programs apparently had a good mix of topics of interest to its audiences, and appreciation was expressed by Mr. Dewing to all of those who participated in organizing and speaking at the seminar. C.Traver stated that the Advanced Seminar was in the planning stages, and a meeting would be held during the afternoon after this meeting to discuss further topics that could be presented.

A brief discussion of the latest edition of the Fee Simple was then held, with a reminder from L. McElwain to those present at the meeting that articles were always needed.

Possible dates for the autumn meeting of the Section were held, and L. McElwain said that the meeting would be held in Charlottesville. L. McElwain stated that if enough interested members of the Board would be staying in Charlottesville over the Friday night of the day that the meeting would be held, there would be a cocktail party after the meeting at his residence.

On a call for committee reports, L. McElwain stated that only a few committee reports had been received, and he thanked those who did prepare them. L. McElwain stated that whereas D. Dewing had sent him a report from the Technology Committee, that report would be available to the Board at the autumn meeting of the Board. L. McElwain stated that since the Section and its meetings were principally driven by its committees, it was vital that the committees become more active and thereafter report to him for presentation to the Board. L. McElwain expressed disappointment at the level of participation by the leaders of many of the committees.

L. McElwain reported on the status of the Writing Contest, which is being organized by Larry Schonberger, who unfortunately was unable to attend due to business commitments. Apparently the Writing Contest will be announced in the next Fee Simple, where solicitations for articles will be made. There will apparently be three categories for prizes, with the winners of the contest being determined by a committee that is to be named.

The last item pertaining to matters discussed at earlier meetings was to vote on an annual dues increase to $25.00, which, on motion made and seconded, was unanimously passed.

Two nominees for Area Representatives were announced. L. McElwain nominated Barbara Goshon from Palmyra (Central), and since J. Epperly was unable to attend, L. McElwain nominated Paul Melnick from Falls Church (Northern) on his behalf. After receiving seconds from the floor, the new Area Representatives were elected.

L. McElwain then stated that Christina E. Meier, Stephen B. Wood, Paula S. Caplinger, and himself would be leaving the Board membership, since their terms had expired, thereby creating three vacancies on the Board that must be filled. Since L. McElwain will become an immediate past Chair, he can and will remain as a Board member. The nominating committee nominated Jean D. Mumm to serve as the Secretary to the Section; C. Grice McMullan as Vice Chair; Douglass W. Dewing as Chair; and Joseph M. Cochran, Paul A. Bellegarde and Randy C. Howard as new Board members. Upon motion duly made and seconded, the nominations were closed, and the slate of nominees for Directors and Officers were elected. L. McElwain then returned to the membership as D. Dewing assumed the Chair.

D. Dewing again reminded the Board of the importance of the Committees since the Section works through its committees and then the committees, which report to the Board and its officers, work through the Section's members. A discussion was then held as to how best to revive the system of using and strengthening the committees by contacting the membership and encouraging them to join a committee.

D. Dewing expressed his thanks, on behalf of the Board and the
membership, to P. Caplinger as immediate past Chair, and L. McElwain as outgoing Chair. He presented both with a plaque commemorating their board services, and noted similar plaques would be delivered to C. Meier and S. Wood. D. Dewing also presented L. McElwain with a gavel to commemorate his services as Chair. As P. Caplinger, S. Wood and C. Meier's board terms had expired, D. Dewing nominated them to serve as Area Representatives. Whereupon a motion was made and seconded to close any further nominations for Area Representative positions, and all three nominees were elected.

A brief discussion was held about the fact that the entire numbering system of the Virginia Code was imminent.

D. Dewing reminded those in attendance of the Section Dinner to be held at Steinhilbers, beginning at 6:00 p.m.

There being no further business, upon motion duly made, seconded, and unanimously passed, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted,

C. Grice McMullan, Jr.


12:30 PM
J UNE 17, 2005

Welcoming remarks and introductions - McElwain

Review/Approval of minutes from the February 25, 2005, meeting McElwain

Financial Report - McElwain

Seminars Report - Dewing

Committee Reports - Committee Chairs

Old Business

Writing Contest - Schoenberger
Dues Increase - McEIwain

New Business

Recognize New Area Reps - McElwain
Nomination/Election of Officers


Notes: The meeting of the Board and Area Representatives will reconvene at Steinhilber's Restaurant for cocktails (6:00) and dinner (7:00).