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Real Property

A Section of the Virginia State Bar.

Meeting Minutes - April 3, 1999

Minutes of the Virginia State Bar
Real Property Section
Board of Governors

Richmond, Virginia

The meeting, which was held at the offices of the Virginia Housing Development Authority, The Virginia Housing Center, Richmond, Virginia, was called to order by Chairman Michael K. Smeltzer at approximately 10:00 AM. The following persons were in attendance: John David Epperly, K. Wayne Glass, David R. Schultz, Leslie Argenta, Susan K. Hepner, Chris Dillon, Rob Pearsall, David C. Helscher, Michael E. Barney, Lucia Anna Trigiani, Gary G. Peterson, Christina E. Meier, Harry R. Purkey, Jr., C. Grice McMullan, Jr., Hugh Harrison, Chuch Rothenberg, Larry J. McElwain, Edward W. (Skip) Lautenschlager, Gordon Wilkins, Tasos Galiotos, Stephen B. Wood, George Rowe, Robert Barclay, Louis J. Rogers, Richard B. Chess, Craig Erdman, Lawrence A. Daughtrey, M. Scott Stein, Howard E. Gordon, Jeffrey M. Stedfast, David W. Stroh, S. Anderson Nelson, Kirk Levy, Robin D. Alsop, Lawrence M. Schonberger, and R. Michael Smith.

At the suggestion of Mr. Smeltzer, the attendees introduced themselves to the group.

The minutes from the January 15, 1999, winter meeting of the Board of Governors in Williamsburg were discussed. The minutes were amended to add the list of attendees, which had been lost, but was now found, and to add the name of C. Grice McMullan, Jr. to the list of new Area Representatives elected at the meeting. As amended, the minutes were approved.

The section financial report was discussed. Mr. Smeltzer expressed appreciation to Lee Hickock of Virginia CLE for help in sponsoring the reception after the winter meeting in Williamsburg.

Mr. Smeltzer requested nominations for new Area Representatives. Richard B. Chess was nominated and approved as a new Area Representative from the Central Region. Mr. Smeltzer asked that everyone confirm in writing the names, addresses, and other pertinent information for any new Area Reps.

Several upcoming seminars were discussed. Mr. Gordon discussed the planning for next year’s Advanced Real Estate Practice Seminar. Suggestions for topics and speakers were requested. Ms. Hepner discussed The 17th Annual Real Estate Practice Seminar scheduled for May 6 (Richmond), May 7 (Roanoke), May 13 (Northern Virginia) and May 14 (Norfolk) She thanked Mr. Traver for his support and encouragement. Lastly, there was a discussion of the joint seminar with the Local Government Section at the VSB Annual Meeting in Virginia Beach.

Mr. Traver reported on the Commercial Real Estate Handbook project. The next meeting is scheduled for April 20, 1999, at 11:00 AM at the Jefferson Hotel in Richmond. Mr. Traver encouraged anyone interested to attend. Lunch will be served. At 1 PM a conference call will be set up to accommodate those unable to attend in person. The goal is to have enough authors for each topic to relieve some of the burden.

In Ms. Butler’s absence, Mr. Traver discussed the upcoming issue of The Fee Simple. Several potential articles and authors were discussed. The deadline for articles is April 16, 1999.

Mr. Smeltzer discussed the appointment of the Nominating Committee, which must be done prior to the 61st Annual Meeting in Virginia Beach in June.

Mr. Epperly presented a memo regarding title problems in the area of trusts and estates. The contents of his memo were briefly discussed. Mr. Smeltzer and others suggested that the memo could be turned into an article for the upcoming edition of The Fee Simple. Mr. Traver suggested that Mr. Epperly send a copy of the article to the appropriate persons at the VLTA, in order to have their support. Mr. Harrison from the VBA reported that the VBA would look at the issues.

Several brief subcommittee reports were presented.

Mr. Harrison presented a report on VBA business. He discussed the effort to produce a third edition of the Homebuyer’s Manual. Mr. Harrison solicited suggestions for distributing copies of the manual. Copies would be distributed to the VAR, but no concrete plans had been made beyond that. Mr. Traver asked if they had considered a Spanish language edition. Mr. Harrison said that it had been considered but it was decided not to do so at this time. Mr. Harrison discussed the VBA website: Mr. Harrison stated that the VBA had lost a little momentum in actively proposing legislation and wanted to get that momentum back. Everyone’s participation was encouraged.

Ms. Trigiani presented a report on current legislation.

Mr. Schonberger discussed a recent advertisement placed by an attorney in the Leesburg area.

Mr. Smeltzer adjourned the meeting at approximately 11:30 AM.


Respectfully submitted,

John David Epperly, Secretary