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Real Property

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Meeting Minutes - April 22, 2010

Minutes of the Virginia State Bar
Real Property Section
Board of Governors

Conference Call

The meeting of the Board of Governors of the Real Property Section of the Virginia State Bar was held by conference call on April 22, 2010, commencing at 10:00 a.m.

The following persons were in attendance: Joe Cochran (Chair), Paul Bellegarde (Vice Chair), Paul Melnick (Sec/Treas), Ken Dickinson, Philip Hart, William Nusbaum, Susan Walker, and Jim McCauley.

The meeting began with the participants letting the others know how their practices were going and what real estate trends they are seeing in their practices.

Financial Report
The RP Section statement noted $23,320.36 in the account. The Section has spent $17,159.64. The finances are very healthy. The Fee Simple expenses to pay will be higher for the May issue—it will be a heftier issue. There will also be any costs for the speakers at the summer program.

Chair’s report
Roanoke Meeting - Joe Cochran reported that he met with attorneys from Roanoke. There was a good turnout at this meeting. There is Area Representative interest in SW Virginia. There is a need for 1+ Area Rep from South and West of Roanoke. Joe feels that it was a successful meeting.

Bylaws - The proposed bylaws were sent out from the Virginia State Bar. The vote will be in June for the bylaws. Then the bylaws will go to the Virginia Bar Council in October, 2010. The staff at the Virginia Bar looked closely at the bylaws—they should fly through the council.

Fee Simple - There will be a hefty issue this time. There will be a lot of offerings in this issue. It will go out the week of the State Bar meeting in June. At the January meeting, the Section wanted to figure out how to poll the membership—there was no way to tabulate the responses, however. It was mentioned that Survey Monkey and the members could respond to the survey. We definitely should poll the membership on that. William Nusbaum agreed that Survey Monkey seems like the way to go—it is easy to use.

A. De-Briefing on the 14 th Annual Advanced Real Estate Seminar
Joe led the discussion about the recent Advanced Real Estate Seminar. The positive: people like Kingsmill. The negative: the room we were in. In the future, we need to try and get the big room. For next year, we are aiming for the 1st weekend in March. Nancy Kern has likely made the reservation already. A discussion ensued about why the 1st weekend in March may be a good idea. This year’s attendance was maxed out at 80. Joe stated that he wanted to reinvigorate the Programs Committee—September 1 is the deadline for ideas for seminars from the Section committees. Then the Programs Committee will sift through the information. In September, that committee will give Nancy Kern input on the programs for the coming year.

B. Annual Real Estate Seminar
Joe Cochran noted that this seminar will be held in three locations, Fairfax, Williamsburg and Lexington. It was noted that there was “blowback” in Roanoke—people were asking why wasn’t the seminar going to be presented there? The answer is that it just needs to be cut back due to attendance and money challenges. 30 people attended in Roanoke last year. It was noted that Lexington may be a “happy medium” for folks in the valley and in Roanoke.

C. Virginia State Bar 2010 Annual Meeting at Virginia Beach
Paul Melnick reported that everything is proceeding as planned with the Annual Meeting presentation. The speakers will be David Lionberger (Tax Section), James Brennan (Construction Law Section), and John Dezio (Real Property Section). The subject will be 1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges in the construction context. Joe reported that the dinner will be on Friday evening.

General Discussion
Paul Bellegard described a case that he is working on. It involves a rental property for $5,900 per month. It turned out that there was a fake Craig’s list ad. There was also a fake person acting like they were the landlord and wanting to rent the real property. They wanted funds wired to them. There was a general discussion of this scam.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:50 a.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Paul H. Melnick

Meeting Minutes (.pdf) - April 22, 2010