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Real Property

A Section of the Virginia State Bar.

Meeting Minutes - January 15, 1999

Minutes of the Virginia State Bar
Real Property Section
Board of Governors

Williamsburg, Virginia

The meeting, which was held at the Marshall-Wythe School of Law of the College of William & Mary, was called to order by Chairman Michael K. Smeltzer at approximately 3:00 PM. The following persons were in attendance: John David Epperly, Douglass W. Dewing, K. Wayne Glass, David R. Schultz, Steven W. Blaine, Leslie Argenta, Susan K. Hepner, Chris Dillon, Rob Pearsall, David C. Helscher, Michael Barney, Lucia Anna Trigiani, Gary G. Peterson, Patrick R. Pettitt, Paula S. Caplinger, Joseph W. Richmond, Jr., Neil S. Kessler, Christina E. Meier, Harry R. Purkey, Jr., Thomas F. Williams, Jr., Daniel R. Goodwin, Randy C. Howard, John H. Toole, Susan M. Pesner, Charles E. Land, G. Michael Pace, Jr., Richard K. A. Becker, Jane Marum Roush, C. Grice McMullan, Jr., Lynda L. Butler, and James B. Lonergan.

At the suggestion of Mr. Smeltzer, the attendees introduced themselves to the group.

The minutes from the September 26, 1998, fall meeting of the Board of Governors in Charlottesville were approved.

The section financial report was presented and discussed.

Mr. Smeltzer reported that the nominating committee had nominated Paula Caplinger to fill Mr. Land’s seat on the Board of Governors. Ms. Caplinger’s nomination was seconded and approved by unanimous vote.

Mr. Smeltzer requested nominations for new Area Representatives. The following persons were nominated and approved as new Area Representatives: Patrick R. Pettitt (Newport News), M. Scott Stein (Newport News), Leslie Argenta (Richmond), S. Anderson Nelson (Southside), Lawrence Daughtrey (Fairfax), Chris Dalton, Kirk Levy, Rob Barclay (Portsmouth), Allison Markell, Tasos Galiotos, and C. Grice McMullan, Jr. Mr. Smeltzer asked that everyone confirm in writing the names, addresses, and other pertinent information for the new Area Reps.

The First Day of Practice Program in Richmond was discussed. In Mr. Waugaman’s absence, Mr. Smeltzer gave the report. Mr. Smeltzer reported that 102 new members of the Section were signed up. In addition, a copy of the VBA suggested real estate forms disk was given away. Mr. Smeltzer reports that the Real Property Section is the only VSB section that participates in the program.

Several upcoming seminars were discussed. Mr. Blaine previewed the Land Use Seminar scheduled for January 28 in Northern Virginia and January 29 in Richmond. Mr. Gordon previewed the Advanced Real Estate Practice Seminar, scheduled for the Tides Inn on March 19-20, 1999. The 17th Annual Real Estate Practice Seminar scheduled for May 6 (Richmond), May 7 (Roanoke), May 13 (Northern Virginia) and May 14 (Norfolk) was discussed. Lastly, there was a discussion of the joint seminar with the Local Government Section at the VSB Annual Meeting in Virginia Beach.

Mr. Smeltzer disclosed the schedule for the next two meetings of the Section—April 3 in Richmond at the VHDA Headquarters and June 18 at the VSB Annual Meeting in Virginia Beach.

Mr. Traver updated everyone on the Commercial Real Estate Handbook project. There has been one general organizational meeting. Mr. Traver solicited volunteers to help write. Topics will be assigned in the absence of enough volunteers. The writers will assist the three editors: Mr. Traver, Neil Kessler, and Rick Richmond. More to come.

Ms. Butler again asked for articles for the upcoming issue of The Fee Simple. She reports that the deadline for articles is April 16, 1999, and that she has very few articles at this point. There followed a discussion of possible articles and authors.

Ms. Pesner reported on the latest news concerning UPL 183. She reported that the legislature will be considering legislation that may render UPL 183 moot, and encouraged all who have an opinion on the matter to contact their state legislators.

Mr. Epperly reported on his progress in drafting a memo regarding problems in the area of trusts and estates.

Several brief subcommittee reports were presented. Mr. Howard reported that the Section now has 1,886 members, which makes it the second largest section: behind litigation and ahead of criminal.

Ms. Trigiani presented a brief report on VBA business.

Mr. Smeltzer adjourned the meeting at approximately 4:30 PM.


Respectfully submitted,

John David Epperly, Secretary