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International Practice Section

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Virginia Lawyer (April, 2016) Dedicated Issue

Features:  International Practice Section

International Practice
by Melissa Stear Gorsline

The Trans-Pacific Partnership Provides New Protections for United States Companies Investing Abroad
by Melissa S. Gorsline, Lindsay Reimschussel, and Tammi Pilgrim

Exchanges of Personal Data between the EU and the US: After the Safe Harbor
by Jana C. Fuchs

US Wavers on Visa Waiver Program
by Satnam Singh and Jeffrey T. Talbert


Virginia Lawyer (February, 2016)

Improvements in US-Cuban Relations Bring Business Opportunities and Challenges
by Geoffrey M. Goodale and Louis K. Rothberg


Virginia Lawyer (April, 2013) Dedicated Issue

Features:  International Practice Section

The Vital Role of Trade and the International Practice Section
by John M. Huddle, Chairman

Virginia In-Bound Growth Funds: Proposing a New Approach for State Economic Development Incentives
by Charles V. McPhillips and Bradley A. Haneberg

International Trade Due Diligence: Protecting the Value of Your Transaction
by Megan A. Gajewski, Susan M.C. Kovarovics, Michael D. Mellen and Christina A. Zanette

The Importance and Changing Landscape of U.S. Export Controls
by Geoffrey M. Goodale

International Sales Intermediary Contracts: Strategies for Success and Traps for the Unwary
by John M. Huddle

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Virginia Lawyer magazine features from prior years

December 2010

  • Globalism, Trade and Virginia
    by Stuart S. Malawer, special editor
  • United States-China WTO Litigation (2001–2010)
    by Stuart S. Malawer
  • Toxic Waste, Toxic Law: Treaty-Making for an Interdependent World
    by Catherine P. MacKenzie
  • In the Wake of Boumediene: The International Rule of Law Remains in Jeopardy
    by Robert H. Wagstaff
  • Foreign Investment in Virginia
    by James S. Cheng
  • Attorneys Practicing International Trade in Virginia: Ten Tips to Help Your Exporting Clients
    by Paul H. Grossman Jr.

February 2010

  • Global Law and Global Challenges
    by Stuart S. Malawer Cyber Warfare: Law and Policy
  • Proposals for U.S. and Global Governance
    by Stuart S. Malawer
  • The Aftermath of Terrorism: Rule of Law Applies to Detainees in U.S. and U.K.
    by Robert H. Wagstaff
  • European Union Law, the European Convention, and Human Rights
    by Nicholas Bamforth
  • Barking Up the Wrong Tree: Current Challenges in International Environmental Law
    by Catherine P. MacKenzie

December 2007

  • Global Trade Law
    by Stuart S. Malawer
  • United States-China Trade Litigation in the WTO
    by Stuart S. Malawer
  • Virginia Embracing Globalization
    by Patrick O. Gottschalk
  • U.S. Trade Policy and Multilateralism—The Challenge of Bilateral Trade Agreements
    by Kevin J. Fandl
  • Technology Transfer by Universities in the U.S. and Abroad
    by Arun K. Sood
  • Trade Liberalization Despite Doha’s Delay
    by Robert A. Rogowsky

December 2006

  • National Security Law
    by Stuart S. Malawer
  • Global Mergers and National Security
    by Stuart S. Malawer
  • National Security, Foreign Ownership and Defense Contractors
    by Arun Sood
  • U.S. Obligations for the Treatment of Detainees
    by James P. Pfiffner
  • Human Rights and Counterterrorism: A Tale of Two Districts
    by Michael I. Krauss
  • Book Review: TO OPPOSE ANY FOE—The Legacy of U.S. Intervention in Vietnam.

June/July 2005

  • Introduction: Law and Global Trade Today
    by Stuart S. Malawer, Special Editor
  • Litigation and Consultation in the WTO: 10th Anniversary Review
    by Stuart S. Malawer
  • Governor Warner’s Trade Mission to India
    by Stuart S. Malawer
  • Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404: Compliance Challenges for Foreign Private Issuers and Their Counsel
    by Michael P. Kelley
  • Export Control Laws Advance U.S. Security
    by Lauren M. Camilli

April 2003

  • Introduction
    Peter S. Watson
  • The U.S. and the WTO: Lessons Learned for Trade Litigation and Global Governance
    by Stuart S. Malawer
  • The World Trade Organization and Rule of Law in China: A First-year Assessment
    by John N. Paden
  • The Impact of Sarbanes-Oxley on Foreign Private Issuers, Private Equity Funds and Their Counsel
    by Michael P. Kelley
  • Airlines in Crisis—Again
    by Gerald L. Baliles and Greg Principato

June/July 2001

  • Introduction
    by Gov. James S. Gilmore, III
  • Global Governance of E-commerce and Internet Trade: Recent Developments
    by Stuart S. Malawer
  • Aircraft Noise: Addressing a Potential Barrier to Global Growth
    by Gerald L. Baliles
  • WTO Disputes: Building International Law on Safeguards
    by Robert A. Rogowsky
  • Foreign Currency Risk: Minimizing Transaction Exposure
    by Michael P. Kelley

June/July 1999

  • Introduction
    by Governor James S. Gilmore, III
  • Internet Commerce and Trade Policy
    by Stuart S. Malawer
  • Technology Rocks with a New Private Sector Role
    by J. Douglas Koelemay
  • A New Trade Policy for a New Era
    by Gerald L. Baliles and Gregory O. Principato
  • Technology Policy & the Internet World
    by Christopher T. Hill