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Health Law Section

A Section of the Virginia State Bar.

Virginia Health Law Links

Any Willing Provider Laws

Virginia Code: 38.2-3407; 38.2-4209; 38.2-3408; 38.2-4221; 38.2-4312; 38.2-3407.7

Certificate of Public Need

Virginia Code: 32.1-102.1

Virginia Administrative Code: 12VAC5-220; 12VAC5-230 (State Medical Facilities Plan)

Additional References: Department of Certificate of Public Need

 Medical Records Subpoena

Virginia Code: 8.01-413

Guardianship and Conservators

Virginia Code: 37.2 Ch. 10

Additional References:

Supreme Court of Virginia, Guardianship and Conservatorship Proceedings Regarding Incapacitated Adults (.pdf)

Guardian Ad Litem Program

Health Care Data Reporting

Virginia Code: 32.1 Ch. 7.2

Additional References: Virginia Health Information

Health Care Decisions Act

Virginia Code: 54.1-2981 et seq.54.1-2983; 54.1-2984; 54.1-2985; 54.1-2987;

Additional References:

Virginia Healthcare Decisions Day

National Healthcare Decisions Day

Involuntary Temporary Detention

Virginia Code: 37.2 Ch. 8

Judicial Authorization of Treatment and Detention

Virginia Code: 37.2 Ch. 11

Additional References:

Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services

Medical Malpractice Act

Virginia Code: 8.01 Ch. 21.1

8.01-581.15 (Medical Malpractice Damages Cap)

Nurse Practitioner Practice Agreements and Protocols

Virginia Administrative Code:

18VAC90-40-90 (Practice Agreement for Prescriptive Authority)

18VAC90-30-120 (Protocols)

Additional References:

Prescriptive Authority Guidance Document (.doc)

Patient Health Records Privacy

Virginia Code: 32.1-127.1:03

Tort liability of hospitals

Virginia Code: 8.01-38

Transfer of Patient Records in Closure, Sale, or Relocation of Practice

Virginia Code: 54.1-2405

Virginia Administrative Code: 18VAC85-20-26

Updated: 7/22/2018