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Family Law

A Section of the Virginia State Bar.

Divorce is not just dissolving the bonds of matrimony and changing one's legal status from married to single.  In fact that component of the legal process is very often the simplest part.  The real challenge is reaching an accord on issues such as division of marital assets, allocation of marital debt, spousal support, and child support and custody when minor children are involved.   For not until these matters are resolved either by agreement or a Judge, can the final divorce be entered. When one is faced with the unhappy circumstance of a marriage in crisis, a spouse will likely want to consult with an experienced family law practitioner.  The conduct of your spouse, understanding what constitutes marital assets and debts, and the parameters of support sometimes present tricky questions, and answers are not always apparent.

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However with the benefit of a lawyer your concerns can be addressed, the process explained and choices considered.  Understandably, parties to a divorce are often emotionally invested in the issues such that it becomes difficult to reach solutions that make the most economic sense.  It may be the experienced attorney that keeps you focused on your options and goals throughout the process.

Bear in mind that every divorce need not and should not result in contentious litigation.  More often than not, compromises may be reached and the expense and uncertainties of court action avoided. Mediation with or without counsel's participation may be a viable option, but before trying to navigate these waters by yourself, seek a qualified attorney's assistance.

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There is no substitute for the advice of an experienced professional when making important decisions that may have far reaching consequences for you and your children.

Robert E. Henley, III (Bob)
Vice Chair
Regina F. Amick
Craig W. Sampson
Immediate Past Chair
Patrick L. Maurer
Editor, Virginia Family Law Quarterly
Brian M. Hirsch
Dolly C. Shaffner