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Meeting Minutes - September 17, 2014

Minutes of the Virginia State Bar
Construction Law and Public Contracts Section
Board of Governors Meeting

I. Call to Order - Noon.  Present: Mike Branca (Chair), Shannon Briglia (Vice Chair), Arnie Mason, Karla Soloria, Randy Wintory and Dolly Shaffner (VSB).  By phone: Chris Boynton (Treasurer), Sean Howley (Immediate Past Chair), Barrett Lucy, Hanna Blake, Dan Fitch, Chris Hill, Scott Kowalski, Alison Mullins, Jon Straw, Spencer Wiegard.  Absent: Jennifer Mahar, Mark Crawford, Judge Ballou and Judge Turk.

II. Approval of Minutes from June 13, 2014 - Minutes were approved unanimously, and reading dispensed with.

III. 2014 Membership/Financial Report – Chris Boynton and Dolly Shaffner provided a summary of the highlights of the Membership and Financial Report distributed to Board members prior to the meeting.  There are currently 711 active members.  As to the budget, there have been some small expenditures for mailing and web maintenance.  Current balance is $11,483.47.

IV. Chair’s Report – Mike Branca reported that he is looking forward to a successful Fall program and yielded the floor to allow the Committee chairs to provide reports of their activities.

V. Fall Seminar 2014 – Co-Chairs Chris Boynton and Randy Wintory reported that the speakers' written materials are starting to be submitted.  It appears that a good "How To" clinic is being lined up.  At present, there are 52 people signed up for the program.  All Board members were encouraged to get the word out about the program to get more people signed up.  Dolly will send out an e-mail to all Section members reminding them to sign up for the Program.  The Thursday night dinner will take place again this year.  Mike will check with Greg St. Ours about making the usual arrangements at the C&O.

VI. Handbook Committee Report – Scott Kowalski reported that assignments have been distributed and case digests are due by October 1, 2014.  Current members of the Committee are Dan Fitch, Hanna Blake and Randy Wintory, who will be replaced by Jon Straw.  Scott will send Mike a blurb about the Handbook for the Newsletter.  Scott will coordinate with Tom Wolf to include Tom's cases in the Handbook.

VII. Newsletter Committee Report - Barrett Lucy & Hanna Blake reported that the next newsletter will be published in mid- to late- October so it is in members' hands before the Fall program.  The newsletter will feature the Carnell case and other recent cases.  Mike let everyone know that if they had any articles they wanted published, to send them to Barrett and Hanna.

VIII. 2015 Annual Meeting CLE Program – Dan Fitch, the new Chair, is taking over from Chris Boynton.  Dan reported that the Bar "BAM" committee has decided that next summer's meeting will use the same "showcase" format as this year.  The BAM committee circulated a list of potential topics for the various VSB Sections to consider.  On review, none of the potential topics listed are related to our Section.  As a result, our Section needs to collaborate with the Real Property and Local Government Sections to come up with a showcase topic and possible speakers.  Dan will reach out to the Real Property and Local Government Sections. The next BAM meeting is September 23, 2014.  

IX. Membership Committee Report – Allison Mullins reported that 15 people are signed up for the CLE in Roanoke tomorrow.  There are 10 more spots available.  The local bar groups are going to send out reminders.  Retired judges Ballou and Strickland are planning to attend.  The suggestion was made for alternative member drives, such as regional happy hours - informal gatherings at bars located in areas where Section members are concentrated - Fairfax, Richmond, etc.  It was also suggested that the Section get young lawyers more involved by, for example, have a young lawyers dinner, or hospitality room or other informal gathering at the Boar's Head on Thursday or Friday night.  Karla Soloria volunteered to be the Section's Young Lawyer whip-cracker (title to be determined).  The goal will be to get young lawyers to join the Section and to increase their involvement when they have joined.

X. Publications Committee – Randy Wintory reported that the four articles are well under way and should be submitted by the deadline of October 10, 2014.  The topics are (1) resolving complex construction disputes, by Judge Alden, Shannon Briglia, and Andrew Stephenson; (2) Green Building, by Skip Travers and Kelly Holland; (3) copyright infringement and A/E plans, by attorney(s) from Vandeventer; and (4) job order contractor, by Mathew Taylor.  Arnie Mason will take over as Committee chair.

XI. Website – Spencer Wiegard reported that he has been working with the VSB on cleaning up the Section's website including updating the posted meeting minutes, the roster of Board Members, the articles, and the master index of CLE topics.

XII. New Business - Mike asked committee chairs to send him a list of committee members.  Mike also asked Spencer to take over responsibility for the Section's Five Year Plan.  Shannon noted that our Section should continue to look for ways to work with the Maryland Bar's Construction Law section.

XIII. Adjournment - at about 1:00 p.m.

Future Meeting Dates:    November 6, 2014 Charlottesville:
                                       § 6:00 p.m. Board Meeting; § 7:00 p.m. Reception & Dinner