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Construction Law & Public Contracts

A Section of the Virginia State Bar.

Meeting Minutes - June 18, 2010

Minutes of the Virginia State Bar Construction Law and Public Contracts Section

Annual Meeting Minutes June 18, 2010
at the Holiday Inn, Virginia Beach, Virginia

The following Board members were present:

Greg St. Ours
Todd Metz
Sean Howley
Brett Marston
Michael Branca

Board members present by phone:

Jennifer Mahar
Hon. Robert M.D. Turk

Others present:

Chris Boynton
Charles Osterhoudt
James Hart

Greg St. Ours called the Annual Meeting of the Construction and Public Contracts Law Section to Order at 12:35 p.m. The minutes of the Board’s previous meeting of February 4, 2010, were presented. A motion and a second were made, and the minutes were approved as written.

Treasurer, Brett Marston, presented the update on the section’s budget.

There was discussion concerning the program for the Virginia State Bar June meeting in Virginia Beach for 2011. Mike Branca agreed to plan the program for next year and Sean Howley will assist. There was discussion about working on this early so that we can better control the topic and the other section or sections with which we work.

Shannon Briglia presented a Handbook report (via email) through Greg St. Ours. Most of the case reports are in, and all digests will be ready by July 1, 2010. The cases will be current through June 1, 2010. The update to the handbook will be published in August, 2010.

Greg St. Ours presented an update on the fall seminar. Derrick Rosser is the Chair of the committee preparing for the seminar. All of the speakers are lined up. If anyone knows sponsors who are interested, Virginia CLE should be advised. Plans are to convene the dinner at the C & O Restaurant on Thursday evening, with past chairs of the section again being invited. The Board will meet either on Thursday night or Friday morning.

There was discussion about the section newsletter, and issues related to getting it emailed to all members. The remaining issues are with being able to email to all section members, and how we can advise section members as to the need to obtain email addresses for this purpose. There was discussion about the section doing a short written, mailed material once a year. The recommendation was made for the Treasurer to look into the economic viability of that option. Mike Branca and Sean Howley will look into issues related to the email/traditional mailing of the newsletter and handbook. The most recent newsletter is on the website.

Greg St. Ours reported that the Publications committee has everything in place for the October addition of the VSB Virginia Lawyer Magazine, which will feature construction law and public contracts issues.

The Nominating Committee presented a slate of nominations for Officers and Board of Governors members for the coming year. The slate was as follows:

Todd Metz, Chair
Kristan Burch, Vice Chair
Brett Marston, Secretary
Sean Howley, Treasurer
Greg St. Ours, Immediate Past Chair

Nominated for a second board term:

Mike Branca
Shannon Briglia

Nominated for a first board term:

Barrett Lucy
Chris Boynton

Jim Hart moved that the nominations be closed, and Jennifer Mahar seconded. Upon unanimous vote to close the nominations, the slate was elected by unanimous vote.

New Business.

New Chair, Todd Metz, presented a gavel and the section’s appreciation to Greg St. Ours on a job well done as the 2009 – 2010 Section Chair. Todd Metz announced that a board meeting will be set for September.

Thereafter, a motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting by unanimous vote, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Brett Marston, Secretary
Gentry Locke Rakes & Moore, LLP
(540) 983-9391