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Meeting Minutes - April 15, 2015

­­­­­­Minutes of the Virginia State Bar
Construction Law & Public Contracts Section
Board of Governors Meeting

Telephone Conference

I.  Call to Order 12:03 p.m. – Meeting held by conference call.  Present by Telephone:  Mike Branca (Chair), Shannon Briglia (Vice Chair), Jennifer Mahar (Secretary), Chris Boynton (Treasurer), Barrett Lucy, Hanna Blake, Dan Fitch, Chris Hill, Arnie Mason,  Jonathan Straw, Spencer Wiegard, Randy Wintory, Dolly Shaffner.   Absent:  Sean Howley (Immediate Past Chair), Mark Crawford, Scott Kowalski, Alison Mullins, Judge Ballou, Judge Turk.

II.  Approval of Minutes from January 14, 2015 – Minutes were approved unanimously, and reading dispensed with.

III.  Membership/Financial Report – Chris Boynton provided a summary of the highlights of the Financial Report distributed to Board members before the meeting.    The budget remains strong for remaining activities planned for fiscal year. Current balance is $4,233.  Membership is at 770 members with 742 active members.

IV.  Chair’s Report – Mike Branca reported that since the January 14, 2015 board meeting, much work has gone into planning the Fall Seminar 2015.  Mike then turned to the topic of the section’s annual business meeting, opening the floor to discussion on how the Board should conduct this meeting in June 2015 in light of the fact that the section is not sponsoring a CLE program at the 2015 VSB Annual Meeting.  The Board decided that the annual business meeting will be held in Virginia Beach on June 19, 2015, followed by lunch. A call in number will also be arranged to permit participation by phone.  The Board also decided to pursue an amendment to the section bylaws to move the annual business meeting from the VSB Annual Meeting to the section’s Fall Seminar weekend when more section members are likely to be present. Mike then yielded the floor to the committee chairs for their reports.

V.  Fall Seminar 2015 – Co-Chairs Chris Boynton and Randy Wintory announced that the theme for the Fall Seminar 2015 is “Anatomy of a Construction Trial: An Advanced Practices Clinic.”  The topics and speakers are confirmed.  The draft program agenda was shared with the Board. The section will again host a Young Lawyers division meet and greet on Thursday evening.  Jonathan Straw will coordinate the planning of this event.  Chris and Randy requested the Board to email to them suggestions for an alternative Board dinner venue to the C&O Restaurant as this event has outgrown private room capacity at the C&O Restaurant.                                                                                                                                      

VI.  Handbook Committee Report - Mike Branca read the following report submitted by Scott Kowalski: The Handbook Committee participated in a teleconference to discuss the search terms used for the handbook cases and the committee members have reviewed their portion of the list and recommended changes (deletions and additions) to the search terms list.  The Committee has proposed several items to gauge/track use of the online handbook – (i) using Google Analytics or similar software to track # of uses and unique users to the online handbook; and (ii) issuing a survey to Section Members to assess their use and satisfaction with the online handbook and requesting suggestions for enhancements, etc.

VII.  Newsletter Committee Report – Barrett Lucy and Hanna Blake reported that the Spring 2015 newsletter will be completed in the next few days.  The newsletter includes summaries of recent cases and new legislation.  Barrett and Hanna requested that anyone interested in submitting an article for the fall newsletter to let them know.

VIII.  2015 Annual Meeting CLE Report – See Chair Report above.

 IX.  Membership Committee Report – Mike Branca reported for Alison Mullins that efforts are underway to hold the next Ethics CLE Program in the Lynchburg area.

X.  Publications Committee Report – Arnie Mason reported that selection of article topics and authors for three articles to be published in the December 2015 Virginia Lawyer Magazine is underway. The deadline for article submission is October 9, 2015. Arnie requested that if anyone has ideas for a “hot topic” article to please forward to him.

XI.  Website Committee Report – No new developments to report.

XII.  New Business – Sean Howley has agreed to chair the nominating committee and will reach out to other individuals to serve with him.  Karla Soloria has resigned her position from the Board due to a change in her practice focus.  Karla’s board position will remain open until the section’s upcoming election in June 2015.

Jennifer Mahar reminded the Board that the 4th Annual joint reception with the Maryland State Bar is set for May 7, 2015, 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. in Tysons Corner, VA at Paladar Latin Kitchen & Rum Bar. 

XIII.  Adjournment at approximately 12:50 p.m.  Next meeting:  June 19, 2015, at 11:00 a.m. in Virginia Beach, Virginia and By Conference Call.