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Construction Law & Public Contracts

A Section of the Virginia State Bar.

Meeting Minutes - February 23, 2011

Minutes of Virginia State Bar Construction & Public Contracts Law Section

Board of Governors

VSB Offices
Richmond, Virginia

Present at meeting:  Todd Metz (Chair), Kristan Burch (Vice Chair), Brett Marston (Secretary), Greg St. Ours (Immediate Past Chair), Christopher Boynton, Shannon Briglia, Fred Kozak, Barrett Lucy, Richard McGrath, Derrick Rosser, Jennifer Mahar, Dolly Shaffner (VSB)

Absent:  Sean Howley, Mike Branca, Webb Moore, Steve Test, Melisa Michelsen, Hon. Robert M.D. Turk; Hobie Andrews

Chair Todd Metz called the meeting to order.

A motion was made and seconded for approval of the minutes from the February 23, 2011 board meeting.  The minutes were approved by unanimous vote.

Membership/Financial Report
Todd Metz indicated that Sean Howley will be providing a report on this at the Annual Meeting at Virginia Beach.

Nominating Committee
Greg St. Ours provided the report of the committee.  The committee is recommending that the existing officers move up one position.  Kristan Burch to Chair.  Brett Marston to Vice Chair.  Sean Howley to Secretary.  In addition, the committee is recommending that Mike Branca be elected Treasurer.  To fill Mike Branca’s position on the board, and to fill Derrick Rosser’s expired term on the board, the committee is recommending Hannah Blake (Watt Tieder) and Scott Kowalski (Petty Livingston) to fill those seats.  To fill the remaining portion of Melissa Michelsen’s unexpired term, the committee is recommending Chris Hill.  The committee is recommending that Steve Test and Hobie Andrews serve a second two-year term.  The board approved of the slate so that it can be brought to the membership at the Annual Meeting in Virginia Beach.

Newsletter Committee
Jennifer Mahar reported on the status of the upcoming newsletter.  A portion is being sent by regular mail, and additional portions will be available by electronic link.

Summer Program
Richard McGrath reported on the program, which will focus on the Virginia Fraud Against Taxpayers Act.  The program is on June 17, 2011 in Virginia Beach at the VSB Annual Meeting.

Chris Boynton is setting up a board dinner for Thursday evening.

Handbook Committee
Fred Kozak provided the report of the committee.  Requests to summarize recent cases will be coming out shortly. The next update will be issues in November.

Fall Seminar Committee
Greg St. Ours, and Blair Lonergan of Virginia CLE, provided the update on the planning for the fall seminar for 2011.  The theme, “navigating losses on a troubled project,” is set, and speaker assignments are well underway. 

There was further discussion about using board funds ($1000 or less) to provide scholarships for certain attendees.  More is needed to be known about the cost of sending a portion of the newsletter by regular mail before a decision can be made. 

Plans are for a Thursday evening board meeting and dinner at the C&O again.

Old Business
Todd Metz discussed the status of the section’s use of social media and plans for future development in that area.

Phone Seminar
There was discussion about the upcoming phone seminar sponsored by Virginia CLE on the “Top 15 Construction Law Cases in Virginia.”  Shannon Briglia and Brett Marston are presenting.

Publications Committee
The board is requesting the earliest publication in 2013 for Virginia Lawyer. 

Next Meeting
June 17, 2011 at the Annual Meeting in Virginia Beach.

The meeting was then adjourned.