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Construction Law & Public Contracts

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Meeting Minutes - January 16, 2013

Minutes of the Virginia State Bar
Construction Law & Public Contracts Section
Board of Governors Meeting

I. Call to Order - 12:02 PM.  Present in person or on call: Brett Marston (Chair), Kristin Burch (Immediate Past Chair), Mike Branca (Secretary) Shannon Briglia (Treasurer), Chris Boyton, Chris Hill, Jennifer Mahar, Scott Kowalski, Hannah Blake, Spencer Wiegard, Randy Wintory, Dan Fitch, Steve Test, Dolly Shaffner, Blair Lonergan

II. Approval of Minutes from November 1, 2012 meeting. Minutes were unanimously approved.

III. 2013 Membership/Financial report – Shannon Briglia reported that we generated $14,900.00 revenue, came in under budget by $4,985, currently have a balance of $1,684.20. We have until June 30, 2013 to use our funds, after which we lose those funds to the General Fund. Last year we over-budgeted for printing, travel and other line items. Our section has 745 members.


a. Scholarships – Currently we have 10 $100 scholarships, which Virginia CLE matches. Should we change the number of scholarships or increase amount? 

b. Big expenses are the C&O dinner, last year at $2,050.00. Could have $5000 over that would go to general fund. 

c. Just found out state mileage has increased from 55.5 cents per mile to 56 cents per mile 

d. Adjusting line items? Next year budget due March 1st. 

IV. Chair’s Report – 

Our section collected at the Fall Program and donated $1,111.00 to the Red Cross for Sandy Relief. 

V. Fall Seminar 2012 – report by Shannon Briglia

a. We received mostly positive reviews for the Program. 

b. Overall, the use of circular tables was a success, although a few complaints were received regarding chair placements.

c. The accommodations received great reviews.

d. Identifying first time participants on their nametags worked out very well; however, perhaps in 2013 we could use something other than stars.

e. The vendors liked it – 11 exhibitors. 

f. Reminder – the dates for the 2013 Fall Program are November 8th and 9th at Boar’s Head. Old Ballroom not available for lunch. 

g. 164 attendees.

h. Preliminary Plans for 2013 – Planning for this year should be worked out by next meeting. 

VI. Committee Reports

A. Handbook Committee (Scott Kowalski) – Scott Kowalski reported that the 2012 Update was posted on the Section website November 1, 2012. It had been pulled due to differences in style. Those have been tweaked, and the handbook will be put back up in week or so. It needs to be converted to become easier to use. Scott’s HTML proposal passed unanimously.

B. Newsletter Committee (Jennifer Mahar) – Jennifer Mahar reports that the Committee is growing. Next newsletter to come out in May. We still mail out a hard copy, and then follow with an emailed copy. We have gone largely electronic, yea or nay on paper copy? Paper copy approved. Note: Spread the word of the opportunity to put an article in newsletter.

C. Summer Program Committee (Chris Boyton) – Chris Boyton reports that we are planning to sponsor a program with the Local Government Section on June 14th. Chris will be the moderator.

D. Membership (Sean Howley) – There will be a free mediation ethics seminar at Gannets’ headquarters in McLean, VA. Sean will moderate with Judge Viergg and Brett Marston on the panel. The Board will use this event as a membership drive.

E. Social Media (Chris Hill) – Chris Hill has nothing to report.

F. Publications Committee (Randy Wintory) – Randy Wintory reported that publications are on track for next month.

G. Five Year Plan Implementation (Mike Branca) – Mike Branca reported that there were no changes to the plan at the moment

H. Website (Kristan Burch) – Kristan Burch reports no changes.

I. Old Business – Jennifer Mahar reported that she is still working on a cooperative membership meeting with Maryland Bar. DC Bar might join as well. Date / location / cost still TBD.

The Meeting adjourned at 1:00pm

Future Meeting Dates:April 17, 2013 (via telephone conference)

   June 14, 2013 (following the 2:00 program)