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Construction Law & Public Contracts

A Section of the Virginia State Bar.

Meeting Minutes - November 4, 2010

Minutes of Virginia State Bar Construction & Public Contracts Law Section

Board of Governors

C&O Restaurant
Charlottesville, Virginia

Present at meeting (in person):  Kristan Burch (Vice Chair), Brett Marston (Secretary), Sean Howley (Treasurer), Greg St. Ours (Immediate Past Chair), Mike Branca, Christopher Boynton, Shannon Briglia, Fred Kozak, Barrett Lucy, Richard McGrath, Webb Moore, Derrick Rosser, Jennifer Mahar

Absent:  Todd Metz, Hobie Andrews, Melisa Michelsen, Hon. Robert M.D. Turk

Vice Chair Kristan Burch called the meeting to order.

A motion was made and second for approval of the minutes from the September 21, 2010 board meeting.  The minutes were approved by unanimous vote.

Treasurer’s Report
Sean Howley reported that the membership committee will be meeting by phone conference on November 18th to discuss ideas for increasing section membership.  There was discussion about ideas, including some of those in the five-year plan, for increasing membership and involvement, including regional meetings, young lawyers sub-groups, etc.  A new idea is to waive section membership for first year members.  Sean will discuss this idea with Dolly.

Sean Howley presented the treasurer’s report.  Given concerns about transmission of newsletter by e-mail, the Board may need to look at additional expenditures for mailing of upcoming newsletters (or at least part of the newsletters each time).

Newsletter Committee
Mike Branca updated on the status of the e-mailing of the recent issue.  The committee is recommending that we transmit introductory part and case blurbs by mail, and have an electronic link to the cases, rather than just e-mailing everything.  He approximates the cost of that to be $1000 per issue.  The next issue is expected to go out in May.

Summer Program
Mike Branca announced that the program will be on the Virginia Fraud Against Taxpayers Act.  Will be working with Local Government section of VSB.  There will be a panel of 3-4 speakers. 

There was a discussion about having a reception/dinner on Thursday night for section members.

Handbook Committee
Shannon Briglia reported on the status of the updates to the handbook.  The indexing for all new cases has been done.  An e-mail blast to all members will be forthcoming to make members aware of the updated handbook.

Fall Seminar Committee
Derrick Rosser reported the status of the CLE program beginning the following morning.  More than 130 attendees are expected, along with 9 sponsors and exhibitors.

Five-Year Plan Implementation
Brett Marston will coordinate with the membership committee to analyze options for implementing parts of the five-year plan.

Publications Committee
Webb Moore reported that the October 2010 issue of Virginia Lawyer featured four (4) construction articles.  They have been well-received.  There was discussion about one letter to the editor received from a VSB member concerned about the selection of the photograph for the cover of the publication.  A response will be made to the letter, but the letter itself will not be published. 

The board would like to get in line for another edition as soon as reasonably possible.

Old Business
Kristan reported on the VSB’s new social media policy.  This section can have a Linked In site but must have a webmaster, who must be a section member, to maintain control over it.  The board needs to consider options for such a person, if there is interest in doing this.

There was discussion about upgrades to the section website.  We need to update the index of construction CLE materials and the Virginia Lawyer articles.  This task was assigned to the Publications Committee.

New Business
Greg St. Ours led discussion about the location of the 2011 Construction CLE program.  Greg presented several options developed by Va. CLE.  Greg St. Ours and Richard McGrath were appointed to discuss concerns with manager of the Boar’s Head. 

Next Meeting

The meeting was then adjourned.