Preparation and Filing by Collection Agency of Statements of Account, Affidavits and Memorandum for Civil Warrants.


Rule of Court 6.1-3 [Rules 6:§IV: & 10: Rule 6.1-3] permits the drafting by a collection agency, on behalf of its customers, of statements of account, affidavits and memoranda for civil warrants, and the filing of such documents by the agency with the clerk of the General District Court. See UPC 3-6; UPR 3-103(A); cf, Former UPL Opinion No. 47 (June 19, 1975). In the Committeeís view, the activities so described fall within “the presentation of facts, figures or factual conclusions, as distinguished from legal conclusions??? as described in the Courtís definition of the practice of law.

Committee Opinion
February 17, 1981


Updated: Aug 28, 2006