Affiliated Group of Attorneys Organized As Professional Corporation

You have indicated that your firm and two others are shareholders in a law firm affiliation which extends to sharing attorney expertise and collective media marketing efforts. You further indicate that the law firms remain separate business entities and the affiliation does not represent clients, does not employ attorneys or staff directly, and is identified to the public as a group of local attorneys engaged in the general practice of law.

The committee is of the opinion that the activities you describe do not constitute the practice of law as defined by Part Six: Section I of the Rules of the Supreme Court of Virginia.

The question you have raised as to the necessity for the affiliation to be registered as a Professional Corporation, as required by Part Six: Section IV: ΒΆ14 of the Rules of Court requires a legal interpretation beyond the purview of this Committee.

Committee Opinion
June 25, 1992

Updated: Aug 28, 2006