Virginia Attorney Who Does Not Maintain Office Residence in Virginia.

Pursuant to your request for an opinion as to whether you, as well as other members of your firm who are members of the Virginia Bar, are permitted to practice before the Courts of the Commonwealth of Virginia despite your failure to maintain an office in Virginia, you should be advised that, based on the information available to the Committee, there is no proscription against the practice of law by a member of the Virginia Sate Bar who does not maintain an office in Virginia. In fact, UPL Opinion No. 82 specifically states that an attorney admitted to the practice of law in Virginia by examination and remaining an active member of the Bar in good standing may practice law in the Commonwealth of Virginia without associating resident counsel.

With respect to your inquiry as to whether you, both as a member of the Virginia State Bar and as a resident of the Commonwealth of Virginia, can serve as a trustee on a Deed of Trust securing real estate in the Commonwealth of Virginia, the Committee believes that this inquiry is not within its purview and, accordingly, we do not express an opinion, for it appears to be a question which requires the rendition of legal advice.

Committee Opinion
January 27, 1988
Updated: Aug 28, 2006