Professional Regulation

Legal Ethics Opinions Online

Tom Spahn, a partner with McGuireWoods, has summarized all of these opinions and organized them under a user-friendly topical index. Visit the McGuireWoods website to access these resources.

LEO Index: Virginia Rules of Professional Conduct (Word doc)

LEO Topical Index courtesy of Tom Spahn (Word doc)

Legal Advertising Opinions

In 2018, the Standing Committee on Legal Ethics withdrew 12 Legal Advertising Opinions (LAOs) issued by the former Standing Committee on Lawyer Advertising and Solicitation, as the LAOs had become obsolete, superseded by amendments to the Rules of Professional Conduct, or had been restated in whole or in part in LEO 1750. The one Legal Advertising Opinion that remains current and enforceable is Legal Advertising Opinion A-0114, concerning communication to the public involving a lawyer’s recognition by a listing in a publication such as The Best Lawyers in America.

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Updated: Jun 18, 2019