Virginia Lawyer Magazine - December 2017

VOL. 66/NO. 4

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General Interest

Slammin’ Ammons’s Softer Side: Retired Judge Has Always Loved Animals
by Deirdre Norman

Atkins Test to Exclude Intellectually Disabled from Execution Withstands Challenges by State Courts
by The Honorable Joseph A. Migliozzi Jr. and Cara Sylvester

Wounded in Iraq, Virginia Veteran and Attorney Receives Purple Heart
by Deirdre Norman

Lawyers and Legislators Give Second Chances Through Drive-To-Work
by Deirdre Norman

Young Lawyers Conference

The Young Lawyers Conference is Here for You
by Chris Fortier

Lawyers and Stress: Small Changes for a Better Life
by Helen Chong, Tammy George, and Brent Mattocks

We Must Combat Racial Disparity and Create a More Diverse Legal Profession
by Shemeka Hankins

Manners and Messages, E-mail for Young Lawyers
by Benjamin Shute

The Future of Student Loans: The Brunner Test in the 21st Century and The Consumer’s Hunger for Change
by Christina T. Parrish

Tumultuous Time Requires Engagement by Young Lawyers
by Melissa Little

Virginia Lawyer Register

Disciplinary Summaries
Disciplinary Proceedings
Notices to Members:
Ethics Committee Reconsiders Proposed LEO 1888
LEO 1885 is pending review by the Supreme Court of Virginia
Clients’ Protection Fund
Emeritus Members Allowed to Provide Pro Bono Services
Commission on Lawyer Discipline Seeks Comments
Eligibility Survey Sent
Electronic Filing at the Supreme Court
MCLE Reporting Deadline
Criminal Law Seminar
Virginia State Bar Clients’ Protection Fund Board Pays $38,168.33 to Former Clients
Nominations Sought for Committee Vacancies
Nominations Sought for District Committee Vacancies
President-elect Heath seeks members for Virginia State Bar committees with terms commencing July 1, 2018.


Access to Legal Services

Law Reader Leads Pro Bono Q&A Site: Williamsburg attorney hits significant milestone on VSB’s Free Legal Answers site
by Jackie Kruszewski

Pro Bono Conference and Celebration Draws Hundreds to Charlottesville


VSB News
Highlights of the October 27, 2017, Virginia State Bar Council Meeting
Terry Patrick Recalls Laughs and Mishaps in Almost 40 Years at the VSB
In Memoriam


President’s Message
Executive Director’s Message
Bar Counsel’s Message
Legal Aid
Law Libraries


Conference of Local and Specialty Bar Associations
CLE Calendar
Professional Notices
Classified Ads and Advertiser’s Index

About the Cover

Members of the leadership of the VSB Young Lawyers Conference from left to right: Jasmine R. McKinney, Christopher R. Fortier, Annie Cai Larson, Farnaz F. Thompson, Kristopher R. McClellan, Jennifer C. Wong, and Brian T. Wesley. Photo by Deirdre Norman. Post production by Sky Noir Photography.