Virginia Lawyer Magazine - October 2004

Vol. 53/No. 3

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General Practice Section

Great Ideas Come from Great People
by Judy Lee August

Securing a Liability Defense from Your Insurance Company
by Gary Reinhardt

Texas Hold’em and the Art of Connective-Tissue Cases
by T. Vaden Warren Jr.

Another Broadside on Miranda: The 2003–2004 U.S. Supreme Court Term and the Fifth Amendment Privilege against Self-Incrimination
by Afshin Farashahi and David L. Arnold

Hiding the Ball or Necessary Protection: §20-124.3:1 Custody and Admissibility of Mental Health Records
by Leigh D. Hagan and T. Michael Blanks Jr.

Special Feature:

The Architecture of Judicial Power: Appellate Review & Stare Decisis
by the Honorable D. Arthur Kelsey


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