Virginia Lawyer Magazine - June/July 2013

Volume 62/Number 1

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Senior Lawyers Conference

Everyone Wants to be a Senior
by F. Warren Haynie Jr.

A Tree Story
by Bruce Edwin Robinson

The “Senior Law Day Program”: A Win-Win-Win Program
by William T. Wilson

Difficult Clients Sharpen Our Game
by Jack W. Burtch Jr.

Three Generations
by Frank Overton Brown Jr.

2013–14 VSB President

Her Father’s Faith and Support Leads Nelson to the VSB Presidency

Access to Legal Services

Pro Bono Awards
Legal Aid Attorney of the Year Labors in a Region of Lost Industry


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Executive Director’s Message
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Risk Management


Forum: Collaboration Necessary for Successful Investigation and Prosecution of Unauthorized Practice of Law
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VSB 75th Annual Meeting Highlights

About the Cover

The Nelson/Simek “small army” gathered on April 7, 2013, at the Meadowlark Botanical Gardens in Vienna. Pictured left to right are Jamie Simek, Kelly and Jeff Ameen, Kim and Chris Haught (with baby Lilly), Sharon Nelson, John Simek, Sara and Rob Singmaster (with 2-year-old Samantha), JJ and Sarah Simek (with baby Evan). Family members not pictured are Jason and Natalia Simek, their newborn baby Cash, and 8-year-old son Jordan. (Photo by Ryan Zook)