Virginia Lawyer Magazine - June/July 2001

Vol. 50/No. 1

Cover of the Virginia Lawyer

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International Law Section

by Gov. James S. Gilmore, III

Global Governance of E-commerce and Internet Trade: Recent Developments
by Stuart S. Malawer

Aircraft Noise: Addressing a Potential Barrier to Global Growth
by Gerald L. Baliles

WTO Disputes: Building International Law on Safeguards
by Robert A. Rogowsky

Foreign Currency Risk: Minimizing Transaction Exposure
by Michael P. Kelley

Special Section

The Millennium Diversity Initiative:
Knocking Down Barriers, Building Bridges

by Joseph A. Condo

School-To-College Program
by Jacquelyn E. Stone

Mentorship Program
by Donald J. Richardson

One-on-One Bar Tutorial Program
by Donald J. Richardson

Loan Forgiveness Programs Foster Access to Careers in the Law
by Julian Brown


President’s Page
by Joseph A. Condo

Michael A. Glasser Installed as 2001–2002 VSB President

Young Lawyers Conference
by Tracy A. Giles

Council Meeting Highlights

Lawyer to Lawyer

63rd Annual Meeting

Farewell Letter from Joseph A. Condo, VSB Past-president


Clients’ Protection Fund

Pro Bono

News & Notes

Local & Specialty Bars

About the Cover

Michael Glasser with wife, Lori, and sons (left to right) Bern, 12, Jake, 10, and Ross, 7. Photographed by Steve Budman in the Glassers’ back yard, below a 200-year-old live oak tree.