Virginia Lawyer Magazine - July 2006

Volume 55/Number 1


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Young Lawyers Conference

Answering the Call
by Jimmy F. Robinson Jr.

The FMLA Does Not Require Restoration to a Position That No Longer Exists
by Vijay K. Mago

Emergency Preparedness and Response: Legal Issues in A Changing World
by Steven D. Gravely and Erin S. Whaley

Contingent Workers: Employers Beware!
by Lesley A. Pate


Special Features

2006–2007 VSB President

Ten Ways To Avoid The Disciplinary System
by Bernard J. DiMuro



President’s Message

Conference of Local Bar Associations

Senior Lawyers Conference

Risk Management Corner



Letters to the Editor

Administrative Suspensions – Contact the VSB member compliance department for inquiries about current suspensions. (804) 775-0530 or

Council Meeting Highlights

Bar News & In Memoriam

Access to Legal Services

68th Annual Meeting

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