Virginia Lawyer Magazine - February 2012

Volume 60/Number 7

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After 100 Years, Bar Examiners Still Protecting the Public
by Gordon Hickey

Family Law Section

No Higher Calling than the Practice of Family Law
by Frank W. Rogers III

The Intersection of Family Law and Immigration: Virginia and the Big Picture
by Lynne Marie Kohm

Contempt: The Court’s Inherent Enforcement Power
by Mitchell D. Broudy

“Temporary Absence”: A Continuing Obstacle to Clarity in Child Custody Jurisdiction
by Peter W. Buchbauer and Lawrence P. Vance

When is Separate Maintenance Applicable?
by Ronald R. Tweel and Elizabeth P. Coughter

Jurisdiction: The Word of Too Many Meanings
by Charles E. Powers



VSB News
Tree Project Continuing: Hassell Memorial and Statewide Plantings

In Memoriam
Local and Specialty Bar Elections

Et Al
Increasing Diversity in the Legal Profession (Part II)
by Clarence M. Dunnaville Jr.


President’s Message
Executive Director’s Message
Conference of Local Bar Associations
Young Lawyers Conference
Senior Lawyers Conference
Law Libraries
Consultus Electronica
Risk Management


CLE Calendar
Book Review: America the Vulnerable: Inside the New Threat Matrix of Digital Espionage, Crime, and Warfare by Joel Brenner
Professional Notices
Classified Ads

Access to Legal Services

  • Virginia Legal Aid Is on Triage: Lawyers Can Help by Participating in IOLTA
    by Dawn Chase
  • Pro Bono Ceremony Travels to Historic Petersburg

About the Cover

The Salem Civic Center was used as a bar exam test site on July 25, 2005, while work was being done at the Roanoke test site. Photo by W. Scott Street III.