Virginia Lawyer Magazine - February 2007

Volume 55/Number 7


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Family Law Section

Assessing "Manifest Injustice" in Spousal Support Cases: Playing the Blame Game
by Brian M. Hirsch

Alternative Methods for Dividing Hybrid Property
Deborah Lynn Wickham and Robert Gillingham

Collaborative Practice: Solving Family Disputes Outside of Court
by Kimberly P. Fauss, Cheryl W. Smith and Peter V. Chiusano

The Civil Relief Act and Its Implications on Family Law Practice
by Mitchell D. Broudy

Family Drug Treatment Courts: A Place for Judicial Activism?
by the Honorable Angela Edwards Roberts


President's Message

The 230th Anniversary of the Enactment of Virginia's First Constitution

Conference of Local Bar Associations

Young Lawyers Conference

Senior Lawyers Conference

Risk Management Corner


Letters to the Editor

Amendment to Rule 1A:4. Out-of-State Lawyers -- When Allowed to Participate in a Case Pro Hac Vice.

Bar News and In Memoriam

About the Cover

The cover photograph of Falling Spring near Hot Springs was made in 1996 by Hullihen Williams Moore, a former member of the State Corporation Commission. Work from Moore's book, Shenandoah: Views of Our National Park, will be exhibited August through October, 2007, at the Museum of the
Shenandoah Valley in Winchester.

A review of the book appeared in the June/July 2005 issue of Virginia Lawyer, and can be downloaded at An original print of Falling Spring was presented last summer to Virginia's Legal Aid Award winner, Jill A. Hanken of Richmond.