Virginia Lawyer Magazine - February 2000

Vol. 48/No. 7

Cover of the Virginia Lawyer


The New Law Library

by Lyn Warmath

An Attorney’s Best Friend: A Consumer Advocate Speaks
by Lyn Warmath

The Path of Virginia Codification
by Kent C. Olson

Commercial Electronic Products for Virginia Legal Research
by Elizabeth Terry Long

Internet Reality Check
by Hazel L. Johnson

Virginia Administrative Law Research: Technology Enhancements Provide Greater Access Opportunities
by Gail F. Zwirner

Legislative History: The Intent Behind the Action
by Cheryl L. Jackson


President’s Page
by W. Scott Street, III

Young Lawyers Conference
by J. Tracy Walker, IV

Behavioral Science Research Leads to Department of Justice Guidelines for Eyewitness Evidence
by Elaine Cassel

ANLIR: To Serve or Not to Serve
by Wendy Inge and Donna Lange


Pro Bono

Around the Bar
In Memoriam
Local & Speciality Bars