Virginia Lawyer Magazine - April 2007

Volume 55/Number 9


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Senior Lawyers Conference

We Are the Stewards of Our Profession: The Importance of Lawyer Professionalism
by Frank Overton Brown Jr.

Civility—Its Urgent Necessity for a Civilized Future
by Edward R. Slaughter Jr.

What the New Associate Wants to Tell the Senior Partner
by Jack W. Burtch Jr.



Against Proposed LEO 1829
by Philip V. Anderson

In Favor of Proposed LEO 1829
by Thomas E. Spahn


President’s Message

Conference of Local Bar Associations

Young Lawyers Conference

Law Office Management


Letters to the Editor

Proposed Rule Change

Clients' Protection Fund

Bar News

  • Highlights of Virginia State Bar Council Meeting
  • In Memoriam
  • Local and Specialty Bar Elections
Access to Legal Services

69th VSB Annual Meeting Schedule

About the Cover

The photograph of a prothonotary warbler was taken at Henricus Historical Park in Chesterfield County by David R. Holton of Richmond. The species is generally declining in numbers due to loss of habitat.