Virginia Lawyer Magazine - April 2002

Vol. 50/No. 9

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Litigation Section

Business Valuations in Litigation: A Road Map
by James C. Joyce, Jr. and Kevin W. Holt

Patent Litigation on the Rocket Docket After Markman v. Westview Instruments, Inc.
by Dana D. McDaniel

Arbitration: Which Party Should Bear the Cost?
by Matthew B. Kirsner

by Ellen S. Moore

MDP Special Section

To Serve Clients in New and Better Ways
by Thomas E. Spahn

A Paradigm Shift from Client Protection
by William R. Rakes


President’s Page
by Michael A. Glasser

Young Lawyers Conference
by O’Kelly E. McWilliams, III

Senior Lawyers Conference
by Frank O. Brown, Jr.

Council Meeting Highlights

Proposed Rule Changes


VSB Committee on Technology and the Law

Legal Resource Review

Pro Bono

News & Notes

About the Cover

Detail of Eagle Ledge, 1990, by Maryann Harman, oil on canvas, 48 x 60 inches, from the Presidents Collection of the Virginia State Bar; in honor of James C. Roberts, Esq., VSB President 1980–1981; gift of Mays & Valentine. Photography by Katherine Wetzel.