Virginia Lawyer Magazine – October 2019

VOL. 68/NO. 3

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Real Property

Get Real: The Real Property Issue 
by Ronald D. Wiley Jr.

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: Your Practice and Real Estate Transactions
by Kay M. Creasman and Paul H. Melnick

Liens That Survive Bankruptcy: Is There a Better Way to Get That Message to Debtor Clients?
by F. Lewis Biggs
Due to editing errors, the printed version of F. Lewis Biggs’ article, "Liens That Survive Bankruptcy," contained a sentence that was misleading. We have updated the downloadable complete magazine and direct readers to an edited version of his article above. Edits to the digital version are pending. We regret the error. 

A Review of Selected Virginia Laws and Regulations Pertaining to Common Interest Communities and Community Managers
by Susan Bradford Tarley

Transfer on Death Deeds 
by Kay M. Creasman

Six Important Developments for Conservation Easements
by Timothy Lindstrom

Access to Legal Services

Herb Sebren of Tappahannock to Receive 2019 Powell Pro Bono Award 

Kelly Guzzo and Consumer Litigation Associates Honored for Pro Bono Work

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2019 Diversity Forum Attracts Capacity Crowd
The Honorable Teresa M. Chafin Invested to the Supreme Court of Virginia
Virginia Law Foundation Announces 2019 Grant Recipients
University of Richmond Law Student Wins IP Writing Competition
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About the Cover

The Real Property Section photographed at the Virginia CLE offices in Charlottesville. Back row (l–r): Rick Richmond, Max Wiegard, Tracy Banks (VaCLE liaison), Barbara Goshorn, Larry McElwain, Whitney Levin, Rick Chess, Wayne Glass, Steve Wood, Brian Wesley, Cynthia Nahorney; Stairs (l–r): Hope Payne, Kay Creasman (Immediate Past Chair), Page Williams, Kathryn Byler (Secretary), Ron Wiley (Chair), Lori Schweller (Vice Chair), Robert Hawthorne, Susan Pesner, Susan Siegfried. Photo by Deirdre Norman