Virginia Lawyer Magazine – February 2020

VOL. 68/NO. 5

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General Interest 

Deborah Wilson: “I Still Love Practicing Law”
by Deirdre Norman

Writing Wills for Super Collectors
by Jeffrey B. Sodoma

Post TCJA Tax Concerns and Implications in Personal Injury Cases
by Arthur Weiss

In Celebration of William T. Mason Jr.’s 93rd Birthday and 68 Years of Service to the Virginia State Bar
by Jamilah D. LeCruise

On the Way to Solving the Foster Care Crisis in Virginia
by Cassie Baudeán Cunningham

Senior Lawyers Conference

Opening Doors to Legal Services: SLC Updates the Senior Citizens Handbook, Encourages Senior Citizens Law Day Programs
by John D. Eure

An Appreciation of James Madison, A Virginia President
by Frank Overton Brown Jr.

Using Simple Illustrations for Clarity
by Linda L. McCausland

Virginia WINGS: The Supreme Court of Virginia and Community Stakeholders Work to Improve Adult Guardianship
by Erica F. Wood

Access to Legal Services

Jim Sandman Announces Retirement as President of LSC

Virginia Lawyer Register

Disciplinary Summaries
Disciplinary Proceedings
Ethics Committee Seeks Comments on Proposed LEO and Rule Changes
Supreme Court of Virginia Amends Rules of Court
U.S. Court of Appeals for theFourth Circuit Amends Four Rules
Calling All Active and In-good-standing Lawyers
Nominate a Deserving Lawyer for an Award


Judge and Lawyer Well-being Program Launches New Website
Supreme Court of Virginia Opens Judicial Learning Center
Understanding the Changes to Corporate Counsel Registration

Get on the Ballot for Bar Council Elections
In Memoriam
Edward L. Chambers Jr.
Frank Opie Meade


President’s Message
Executive Director’s Message
Ethics Counsel’s Message
MCLE Board
Law Libraries
Technology and the Future Practice of Law
Risk Management
The Last Word


Conference of Local and Specialty Bar Associations 
CLE Calendar
Professional Notices
Law School Digest
Classified Ads
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About the Cover

Fairfax Family Lawyer Deborah A. Wilson with her son Joshua Wilson of NovaLegalGroup, P.C. Photo by Deirdre Norman