Virginia Lawyer Magazine - December 2010

Volume 59/Number 5


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International Practice

Globalism, Trade and Virginia
by Stuart S. Malawer, special editor

United States-China WTO Litigation (2001–2010)
by Stuart S. Malawer

Toxic Waste, Toxic Law: Treaty-Making for an Interdependent World
by Catherine P. MacKenzie

In the Wake of Boumediene: The International Rule of Law Remains in Jeopardy
by Robert H. Wagstaff

Foreign Investment in Virginia
by James S. Cheng

Attorneys Practicing International Trade in Virginia: Ten Tips to Help Your Exporting Clients
by Paul H. Grossman Jr.


VSB News
Highlights of the Virginia State Bar Council Meeting: October 15, 2010
Bar Card Update
“Good Lawyers” Project Wins National Award
Local and Specialty Bar Elections

In Memoriam
Former Chief Justice Honored with John Marshall Medal



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Access to Legal Services
  • Mentoring Law Student Pro Bono Volunteers: Two Ways to Give
  • Drive-To-Work Benefits All Virginians
  • Arlington Firm Receives Affordable Housing Award
  • Access to Justice in the United States: Findings from the Newly Released Rule of Law Index of the World Justice Project

About the Cover

This photo of the Backbone Mountain wind farm near Thomas, West Virginia, was taken October 10, 2010. The United States was the global leader in wind turbine installations in 2008, with 31 percent of the market. The United States and China are in a trade dispute over China’s subsidies for wind turbines — a situation that is currently under investigation by the U.S. Trade Representative. Photo by Bill Dickinson of Sky Noir Photography. See more of his work at