Virginia Lawyer Magazine – December 2022

VOL. 71/NO. 4

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Senior Lawyers at Work
by Gary C. Hancock

Lawyer Camaraderie, Collegiality, and Well-Being in Charlottesville
by Joseph W. “Rick” Richmond Jr.

The TIES That Binds
by Andrea L. Bridgeman

Civility and Professionalism: The Movie Starring Chief Justice Goodwyn and a Cast of Luminaries
by Peter C. Burnett and W. Carter Younger


How Virginia’s Highest Court Left a Library in West Virginia
by A. L. Emch

A History of Firearms Regulation in Virginia until 1873
by Judge Everett A. Martin Jr. and Nicholas W. Dudley


Get Out of Jail Free?
by Henry H. Perritt Jr.

The Very Happy Lawyers: A True Story
by Benjamin W. Glass III


Disciplinary Summaries
Disciplinary Proceedings
Clients' Protection Fund
Notices to Lawyers


Highlights of the Oct. 21 VSB Council Meeting
Eighteenth Judicial Circuit Elects New Representative
Justice Thomas P. Mann Investiture Held in November
Disciplinary District Committee Vacancies
Volunteer with the Bar
Young Lawyers Conference Hosts Annual Bench-Bar Dinner
Bar Hosts 2022 Pro Bono Conference
In Memoriam
Solo & Small-Firm Practitioner Forum
Senior Law Days Resume in Person
Southwest Virginia Bench-Bar Conference Celebrates 10 Years of Bringing Together Lawyers, Judges


President’s Message
Executive Director’s Message
Law Libraries
Risk Management
Technology and the Future Practice of Law
The Last Word


Jest is for All
Professional Notices
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About the Cover

Members of the Senior Lawyers Conference Board of Governors:

Thomas A. Edmonds, member; William Carter Younger, vice chair; Gary C. Hancock, chair; Andrea L. Bridgeman, SLC pro bono liaison; Thomas G. Bell Jr., secretary; Richard A. Gray, member (seated); and Sylvia S. Daniel, VSB staff liaison (seated). Members of the board who were unable to be present for a group picture, or did not write an article for this issue are recognized on page 52.

Photograph by Deirdre Norman with postproduction by Kaylin Bowen.