Virginia Lawyer Magazine – August 2020

VOL. 69/NO. 2

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Clients’ Protection Fund

The Clients’ Protection Fund Issue
by Susan Tarley

What Is Virginia’s Clients’ Protection Fund?
by David B. Oakley

The CPF Process: How Active Lawyers Give to Make the Profession Better and to Protect the Public
by Susan Tarley

Client Testimony: Virginia Lawyers Make Things Right

Here’s to the Lay Person: Providing a Public Perspective for Lawyers
by Deirdre Norman

General Interest

Practical Guidance for Virtual Depositions Under Pandemic Conditions
by Michael T. Gwinn

Civil Conspiracy: An Analysis of Common Law and Statutory Business Conspiracy Claims Under Virginia Law
by David N. Anthony, Timothy J. St. George, and H. Scott Kelly

The Virginia Values Act & Other Workers’ Rights Laws: How Virginia Vaulted to the Forefront of LGBTQI+ Protections
by L. Leigh R. Strelka, N. Winston West IV, and Polly the Office Dog

What Does Marijuana Decriminalization Mean for Virginia?
by the Hon. Joseph A. Migliozzi and Emily Wilson, judicial intern

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Clients’ Protection Fund Reimburses $24,905 to Clients


VSB News
Unanimous, Bipartisan Act Aims to Help Owners of Heirs’ Property
2020 Mandatory Professionalism Courses Canceled

Lawyers Helping Healthcare Workers
Disciplinary Board Goes Virtual During Pandemic
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About the Cover

The Clients’ Protection Fund (CPF) Board sponsored this issue of Virginia Lawyer and in keeping with the social distancing rules caused by the pandemic, created a cover that reflects the legal profession’s new normal. Thank you to CPF staff liaison Vivian Byrd for assisting with the issue, and welcome to incoming CPF Board Chair Peter M. Mellette. Cover art montage by Kaylin Bowen. Not Pictured: Mary Yancey Spencer, CPF board member.