Virginia Lawyer Magazine – April 2022

VOL. 70/NO. 6

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Virginia Lawyer Referral Service Celebrates 45th Anniversary
by Eugene M. Elliott Jr.

Thank You to the Panel Members

Small Efforts and Big Rewards: Assisting Tenants During the COVID-19 Pandemic
by Joseph B. Herbert

How a Great Firm Culture Helped Us Make the Most Out of VLRS
by Paul J. Abraham

VSB Presidents and the VLRS: A History of Helping
by Aaron Rose


The Nuts and Bolts of Appealing to the Expanded Court of Appeals of Virginia
by Graham K. Bryant

The Drug Court in Virginia Beach: A Status Report
by the Hon. James C. Lewis and the Hon. Steven C. Frucci

The Gender Gap Among Advocates in Virginia’s Appellate Courts
by Michelle Kallen and Kimberly Veklerov

Face-recognition Technology: Authorizing an Important Tool
by Henry H. Perritt Jr.

“I Knew I Wanted to be a Good Lawyer”: An interview with Chief Justice S. Bernard Goodwyn
by Deirdre Norman


Disciplinary Summaries
Disciplinary Proceedings
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Highlights of the February 26 VSB Council Meeting
Virginia JLAP Establishes George Harrison Hettrick Fund
Chidi I. James to be President-elect of the Virginia State Bar
In Memoriam
2022 Annual Meeting Preview


President’s Message
Executive Director’s Message
Senior Ethics Counsel’s Message
Risk Management
Access to Legal Services
Law Libraries
Technology and the Future Practice of Law
The Last Word


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The PJI Law team at their offices in Fairfax. Photo by Devin Dietrich Film & Video.