Virginia Lawyer Magazine - April 2014

Volume 62/Number 9

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Lawyers Helping Lawyers

The Voices of Lawyers on the Road to Recovery
by Sharon D. Nelson

Why I Need Lawyers Helping Lawyers
by the Honorable William C. Mims

Lawyers Helping Lawyers Matters
by Barbara A. Williams

Impairment Proceedings
by Renu M. Brennan

The Spiral Downward: Identifying Addiction
by Carol P. Waldhauser

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General Interest

The Laws of Physics and the Physics of Laws
by D. Arthur Kelsey

The Oldest Lawyer in Town: Vic Millner Closes 53-year Legal Career
by Tim Davis

Lawyers Without Rights: Jewish Lawyers In Germany Under the Third Reich
by Brett Alexander Zwerdling

Governors Recognized for Historic Contributions
by Clarence M. Dunnaville Jr.



VSB News
Highlights of the February 22, 2014, Virginia State Bar Council Meeting
In Memoriam
Forum Visits Danville
Bar Endorsement of ALPS Reaffirmed

Gerald T. Zerkin Presented with Carrico Professionalism Award
Virginia Supreme Court Senior Justice Elizabeth B. Lacy Receives the Virginia State Bar Leadership in Education Award
James W. Korman Honored for Lifetime Achievement
Judge A. Ellen White Receives Family Law Service Award


President’s Message
Executive Director’s Message
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Technology and the Practice of Law


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About the Cover

Newton's cradle, named after Sir Isaac Newton, uses a series of metallic spheres to demonstrate basic principles of the laws of physics. Judge Kelsey's essay explores the parallels between the laws of physics and the laws of men.