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Teleconference Videos and Audios

Due to potential health concerns related to the spread of COVID-19, the Virginia State Bar has had to cancel many meetings and events. Below are available videos and audios from meetings held by teleconference. If you participated in one of these events and have comments or concerns, please see the form from the Virginia FOIA Advisory Council: Public Forum Comment Form.

Ethics Committee MS Teams Virtual meeting (video) (10/20/20)

Disciplinary Board Hearing – William Burton (11/12/20)

Disciplinary Board Hearing – Ronnie Lee Clay (11/5/20)

Disciplinary Board Hearing – Jeffrey Bailey (11/2/20 and 11/4/20)

Disciplinary Board Reciprocal Hearing – Jonathan Dailey (10/23/20)

Disciplinary Board Hearing – Benjamin Bledsoe (10/23/20)

Disciplinary Board Hearing – Michael Kmetz (10/23/20)

Committee on Lawyer Discipline (COLD) Meeting (10/14/20)

Disciplinary Board Hearing  - James Johnson Agreed Disposition (10/8/20)

Disciplinary Board Hearing – Richard Robol Day 2 (9/25/20)

Disciplinary Board Reciprocal Hearing  - Frank Fina (9/25/20)

Disciplinary Board Hearing – Richard Robol Day 1 (9/24/20)

Disciplinary Board Hearing –  Paul Galanides Agreed Disposition (9/28/2020)

Committee on Lawyer Discipline Oversight Subcommittee pt.1 (9/23/20)

Committee on Lawyer Discipline Oversight Subcommittee pt.2 (9/23/20)

Clients' Protection Fund New Member Orientation (9/16/2020)

Disciplinary Board Hearing – Nancy Lord Agreed Disposition (9/15/20)

Committee on Lawyer Discipline Rules Subcommittee (9/11/20)

Disciplinary Board Misconduct Hearing - John B Russell Jr. (8/28/20)

Disciplinary Board Misconduct Hearing - Jin-Ho Cynn (8/28/20)

Committee on Legal Ethics (8/27/20)

Disciplinary Board Hearing – Anna Myers Agreed Disposition  (8/20/20)

Committee on Lawyer Discipline (8/12/20)

Committee on Lawyer Discipline Rules Subcommittee (8/12/20)

Disciplinary Board - Larry Miller Reciprocal Hearing (7/28/20)

Disciplinary Board Hearing – Vincent Amberly Agreed Disposition (7/13/20)

Disciplinary Board Chairs Meeting (6/30/20)

Committee on Lawyer Discipline Meeting audio file (6/26/20)

Clients’ Protection Fund Board Meeting: To hear an audio recording of the public meeting, call 1-866-391-9145. (6/9/20)

Executive Committee Meeting (audio file) 6/09/20

Disciplinary Board Virtual New Member Training (6/02/20)

Updated: Nov 17, 2020