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What is the Virginia State Bar?

The Virginia State Bar is an administrative agency of the Supreme Court of Virginia. It is responsible for the regulation of the legal profession, protection of the public from lawyer misconduct and support of the rule of law. All lawyers admitted to practice in Virginia register, pay dues and comply with licensing requirements. How many lawyers are licensed to practice in Virginia? More than 29,000 lawyers are admitted to practice in Virginia. More than 45,000 attorneys are registered in all categories of membership, including associate, judicial and retired.


How is the Virginia State Bar funded?

The VSB is supported entirely by lawyer dues, self-generated income and volunteer service. It receives no tax dollars.


How can I find a lawyer to handle my legal problem?

The VSB Virginia Lawyer Referral Service, can connect you with a lawyer who is prepared to work with your type of problem. It can be reached at 1-800-552-7977 toll-free, or 775-0808 in Richmond, or at


Does the Virginia State Bar require malpractice insurance?

The VSB does not require lawyers to be covered by malpractice insurance, but it encourages them to purchase coverage, and every year they must report to the bar whether they are covered. To find out if an attorney has reported that he or she does NOT have coverage, search attorney’s records on the Virginia State Bar Web site.


If you have concerns about a lawyer’s conduct, you can file a complaint against him or her to determine whether they have violated an ethical rule.

For more information on the VSB, please see annual reports.

Updated: Apr 28, 2020