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January 14, 2016

Williams Mullen Leads Pro Bono Life Planning Initiative

Williams Mullen continues to provide a number of often underserved Virginia groups with life planning documents through free clinics — including veterans, nursing homes, at-risk moms, senior citizens, and recovering addicts. Created in 2007 by Pro Bono Partner Andy Nea, who has led the program’s clinics since its inception, the program served 431 clients in 26 clinics in 2015. 

In total, 104 lawyers contributed their services to the program during 2015, which provides a simple will, a power of attorney and an advance medical directive. The program also partners with Virginia  law schools and, in 2015, 56 students from the University of Richmond, William & Mary and the University of Virginia assisted at the clinics.

Updated: Jan 14, 2016