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July 01, 2012

Virginia State Bar E-News, July 2012

The Virginia State Bar Council met on June 14, 2012, in Virginia Beach, during the Annual Meeting. Richmond attorney W. David Harless was sworn in as the 74th VSB president on June 15, and Sharon D. Nelson assumed the post of president-elect.

The name of the Judicial Nominations Committee has been changed to the Judicial Candidate Evaluation Committee. The VSB Council also approved changes to the committee’s procedures.

Dues statements were mailed on June 15. The annual dues must be received at the Virginia State Bar by July 31, or delinquency fees will be assessed. Pay online through the member login.

Enclosed in your dues statement is a request for voluntary contributions to Legal Services Corporation of Virginia. Please take a moment to read the appeal and consider a donation. If your firm takes care of your dues payment for you, please ask the person responsible for opening and handling your dues form to forward the legal aid donation letter to you personally.

Check your MCLE hours online. The MCLE compliance deadline is October 31.

LEO 1859, which addresses whether a criminal defense lawyer may disclose information to a government lawyer after a former client makes a claim of ineffective assistance of counsel, is issued as final.

Comments are sought on the proposed payee notification statute. Deadline for comments is September 30.

The ABA is providing training in Washington D.C. to help lawyers spot notario fraud, learn how to file a complaint against notarios in Virginia, Maryland and D.C., and overcome issues when litigating cases.

Updated: Jul 01, 2012