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April 10, 2008

VSB Disciplinary Board to Hear Britton Reinstatement Petition on June 27, 2008

Additional Info view Britton Revocation Order (240 K pdf)
Pursuant to Part 6, Section IV, Paragraph 13I(9)(e) of the Rules of the Supreme Court of Virginia, Bruce Charles Britton petitioned the Court on May 9, 2007, for reinstatement of his license to practice law. The Virginia State Bar Disciplinary Board will hear the petition on June 27, 2008, at 9 a.m. in the General Assembly Building, 910 Capitol Street, House Room D, Richmond. After hearing evidence and oral argument, the Disciplinary Board will make factual findings and recommend to the Supreme Court whether the petition should be granted or denied.

The Disciplinary Board seeks information about Mr. Britton's fitness to practice law. Written comments or requests to testify at the hearing should be submitted to Barbara S. Lanier, Clerk of the Disciplinary System, 707 East Main Street, Suite 1500, Richmond, Virginia 23219, or by e-mail to, no later than June 10, 2008. Comments will become a matter of public record.

On April 21, 1989, the Virginia State Bar Disciplinary Board suspended Mr. Britton's license to practice law for five years, effective May 21, 1989, for misconduct in three matters that involved representation of personal injury plaintiffs. The board found Mr. Britton communicated with, and later sued, his client's daughter, when he knew the daughter was represented by another lawyer; he instructed another client to deceive two treating physicians in connection with two matters for the client; and he was untruthful on two occasions when communicating settlement offers to a third client. Mr. Britton appealed, and the Supreme Court dismissed the appeal. On April 6, 1990, Mr. Britton was convicted in the General District Court of Fairfax County of practicing law after his license had been suspended. He appealed to the Circuit Court of Fairfax County where he was found guilty and fined $1,000.

On December 13, 1991, a three-judge court in the Fairfax Circuit revoked Mr. Britton's license for the unauthorized practice of law and for trust account violations in his representation of a personal injury client. The court found he had failed to properly account for the settlement funds; he failed to maintain proper trust account records; and he gave the client inadequate and misleading accountings.

Mr. Britton filed his first petition for reinstatement on April 25, 1997. The Disciplinary Board recommended that Mr. Britton's license not be reinstated and the Supreme Court denied the petition. In its recommendation, the board noted that, during the reinstatement hearing, Mr. Britton conceded that he had handled more than one legal matter after his license was suspended. The Disciplinary Board further noted Mr. Britton was not forthright with a character witness in explaining the circumstances of his petition.

In his current reinstatement petition, Mr. Britton states he wants to return to practice as a solo practitioner to help clients who would otherwise lack the aid of an attorney. He states that since August 1, 1988, he has been employed at the Department of Veterans Affairs in Washington, D.C., first in the Regional Office and then, since 2005, in the Appeals Management Center. He further states he has been active in his church and community, has kept current with the law, and has otherwise satisfied all conditions required for reinstatement and is fit to practice law.

Copies of the board and Supreme Court orders regarding Mr. Britton’s suspension and revocation are available from the clerk at or (804) 775-0539.
Updated: Apr 10, 2008