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August 27, 2020

Tips on Reading Virginia Lawyer Online

The digital edition platform for Virginia Lawyer has some new features.

You may now change the view settings from “page view” to “content view” to read a scalable text-only version ideal for mobile reading; download a PDF to print or read later; share a link or specific page via email or social media; and search the latest edition or available archives using select words or phrases.

Visit the latest issue to view a tutorial. Once you’ve opened the digital issue in your browser, click anywhere on the live area of the page to pull up the toolbar. Click the three dots (…)  in the lower right corner (circled in red at right), then click “? Help” to open the tutorial.

If you prefer reading Virginia Lawyer online and don’t wish to receive it by mail, you may opt-out by logging into the lawyer portal on the VSB website. If you change your mind, you may opt back in at any time via the portal.

Updated: Aug 27, 2020