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November 25, 2013

Supreme Court of Virginia Has Established a Special Committee on Criminal Discovery Rules

The Supreme Court of Virginia has established a twenty-three-member Special Committee on Criminal Discovery Rules to study current Rule 3A:11 and the proposed amendments submitted by the Indigent Defense Task Force of the Virginia State Bar.

The committee, chaired by the Honorable Thomas D. Horne, judge of the Twentieth Judicial Circuit, is composed of representatives of the judiciary and the legislature, commonwealth's attorneys, defense attorneys, public defenders, law enforcement, and other interested stakeholders. The committee will make recommendations to the Court as to any amendments to Rule 3A:11, taking into consideration the various needs and concerns of interested stakeholders.


Special Committee on Criminal Discovery Rules


Circuit Judge Thomas D. Horne, chair

Delegate Robert B. Bell

Virginia Court of Appeals Judge Rossie D. Alston Jr.

Circuit Judge Marjorie T. Arrington

Circuit Judge Randy I. Bellows

Circuit Judge Michael L. Moore

Senator Richard H. Stuart

Thomas J. Bondurant Jr.

Commonwealth’s Attorney Michael N. Herring

Deputy Public Defender Bonnie Hoffman

Commonwealth’s Attorney Michael R. Doucette

Commonwealth’s Attorney Stephanie Murray Shortt

Senior Assistant Attorney General Virginia B. Theisen

Professor David I. Bruck

Virginia M. Coscia

Sara N. Poole

Stephanie Merritt

Professor John G. Douglass

Douglas Ramseur

Alex N. Levay

Police Chief Timothy J. Longo Sr.

James McCauley

Sheriff Jack Davidson

Updated: Nov 25, 2013