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October 08, 2013

Request for Nominations for Special Election to the VSB Council Sixteenth Judicial Circuit

The Virginia State Bar is seeking nominations to fill a vacancy in the 16th Circuit delegation, caused by the resignation of Alex R. Gulotta, for an unexpired term ending June 30, 2016. Under the election rules governing the VSB, the judicial circuit elects its representatives to Council by direct mail ballot. Any active VSB member in good standing whose bar address is in the 16th Circuit as of October 16, 2013, may run. No member of the Council shall be a member of a district committee. Nominations must be by petition (no special form required) signed by at least ten active in-good-standing circuit members, and must include their bar numbers. The petition must be accompanied by a statement of the candidate’s qualifications, not exceeding 150 words. It must be filed by the candidate in the office of the Executive Director by 4:45 p.m., on November 1, 2013, at 707 E. Main Street, Suite 1500, Richmond, VA 23219-2800 or Ballots will be mailed November 6, 2013, accompanied by the statements of qualifications. Questions should be directed to Asha Holloman at (804) 775-0551 or


Updated: Oct 08, 2013