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December 09, 2010

Relieving Stress of Divorce on Children Is Topic of New DVD

The Virginia State Bar Family Law Section has released an updated version of Spare the Child: Parenting During Family Dissolution, a frequently requested video that advises parents on how to minimize the long-lasting damage of divorce and other family breakups on children.

The video, which was produced with a $44,500 grant by the Virginia Law Foundation, is used in court-ordered parental education and by mediators and family law attorneys.  It can be viewed online at, and a DVD can be ordered for the cost of postage by contacting Shannon Quarles at or (804) 775-0512.

Spare the Child is appropriate for use by individuals, educators, religious groups, parenting programs, and law schools. It is available in English and Spanish, with closed captioning. Running time is 19 minutes.

“The video fills a need in educational materials for the public — individuals and organizations — who will better understand and navigate the process of family dissolution. It is an accessible, practical guide to the legal system, aimed at the best possible results for children,” said Mitchell D. Broudy, chair of the Family Law Section.

The new production emphasizes diversity, addresses breakups of cohabiting as well as married parents, and describes collaborative family law and other dispute resolution approaches that are now available.  It draws on interviews with judges, lawyers, mediators, and adult children of divorce. 

Updated: Dec 09, 2010