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May 04, 2020

Supreme Court of Virginia Amends Rules of Court

On May 1, 2020, the Supreme Court of Virginia approved amendments to Part 6, Section IV, Paragraph 3 of the Rules of Court regarding the organization and government of the Virginia State Bar. Most notably, these Rule changes: (1) impose an email address of record requirement for all members; (2) create separate membership classes for retired and disabled members (with corollary changes to Paragraph 13-23.K.); (3) remove the requirement for active members to be “engaged in the practice of law;”  (4) revise some procedures for electing different membership classes; and (5) update the Rule’s language to eliminate ambiguous terminology

These Rules are effective June 30, 2020 and will be implemented as part of 2020-2021 dues renewal.

For a more specific list of noteworthy changes click here.


Updated: May 04, 2020