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July 03, 2013

VSB Disciplinary Board to Hear Rickey Gene Young Reinstatement Petition on September 27, 2013

Pursuant to Part 6, Section IV, Paragraph 13-25 of the Rules of the Supreme Court of Virginia, Rickey Gene Young petitioned the Court on October 24, 2011, for reinstatement of his license to practice law.The Virginia State Bar Disciplinary Board will hear the petition on September 27, 2013, at 9 a.m. at the Workers’ Compensation Commission, 1000 DMV Drive, Courtroom A, Richmond. After hearing evidence and oral argument, the Disciplinary Board will make factual findings and recommend to the Supreme Court whether the petition should be granted or denied.

The Disciplinary Board seeks information about Mr. Young’s fitness to practice law. Written comments or requests to testify at the hearing may be submitted to Barbara S. Lanier, Clerk of the Disciplinary System, 707 East Main Street, Suite 1500, Richmond, Virginia 23219, or to no later than September 18, 2013. Comments will become part of the public record.

On August 29, 2012, the clerk of the Supreme Court of Virginia forwarded to the executive director of the Virginia State Bar a Petition for Reinstatement filed by Rickey Gene Young.  The Supreme Court of Virginia directed the Virginia State Bar to forward the Petition for Reinstatement to the Virginia State Bar Disciplinary Board.  The Court directed that the matter be referred to the Virginia State Bar Disciplinary Board despite the fact that Mr. Young admitted in his petition that he had not met all the requirements the Virginia Supreme Court Rules of Court, Part Six, Section IV, ¶13-25.D, in particular ¶13-25.D.3 and D.4.

The following is a synopsis, pursuant to Part Six, Section IV, ¶13-25.J.5 of the Rules of the Supreme Court of Virginia, of the Petition for Reinstatement filed by Mr. Young.

Mr. Young was licensed to practice law in the Commonwealth of Virginia in September of 1980.  In 2001, Mr. Young was charged with several misdemeanors for contempt of court and for willfully failing to file tax returns in the United States District Court for the Western District of Virginia.  On August 17, 2001, the Virginia State Bar Disciplinary Board suspended Mr. Young’s license to practice law for a period of eighteen months, effective August 1, 2001.  On August 26, 2001, Mr. Young began serving his prison sentence.  After finishing his term, Mr. Young tendered an affidavit consenting to having his license to practice law revoked.  At the time he tendered his consent to revocation, Mr. Young had ten open complaints against him.  The Disciplinary Board accepted Mr. Young’s consent to revocation by order dated February 26, 2003.

Mr. Young alleges in his petition that he was released from all probation in 2003.  In September of 2004, Mr. Young began working for the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development as an appeals hearing officer.

Mr. Young alleges that he has kept current with the state of law, has continued to read recent Virginia Supreme Court decisions, and has completed 100 hours of continuing legal education with 12 in ethics.  Mr. Young alleges in his petition that he successfully completed the Multi State Professional Responsibility Examination with a scaled score of 114, but does not indicate when or where he took the examination.  Mr. Young states that he is active in his church and community, working for homeless shelters.  He has paid back the costs assessed against him by the bar and has begun to pay back the Virginia Clients’ Protection Fund.

Copies of Mr. Young’s disciplinary orders are available from the clerk at or (804) 775-0539.

Updated: Jul 25, 2013