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November 10, 2011

Professional Guidelines Available to Print from Website

Beginning in 2010, the Virginia State Bar Professional Guidelines were published online in a searchable HTML format that allows users to quickly access the sections they are looking for without flipping through pages or waiting for PDFs to download.

Because the format meets most VSB members’ needs, print copies of the Professional Guidelines were not mailed with the October 2009, 2010, or 2011 issues of Virginia Lawyer. A limited number of 2009–10 edition copies were printed and provided to members on request in spring 2010.

The print version being out of date, we are now offering a way for members to print from the HTML pages with one click. The new one-click printing option is now available at

The HTML version is updated throughout the year to provide a current version at all times. The print version has not been updated since the 2009–10 edition. Changes approved by the VSB Council and the Supreme Court of Virginia are published on the Rule Changes page at


Updated: Nov 10, 2011