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January 18, 2023

Supreme Court of Virginia Amends Rule on VSB Judicial Members

On Wednesday January 18, 2023, the Supreme Court of Virginia approved a petition by the Virginia State Bar and its Council to amend Part Six, Section IV, Paragraph 3(c) of the Rules of Court regarding judicial class membership in the Virginia State Bar.

The rule is amended as follows:

3. Classes of Membership.

Judicial Members; Lawyers who are admitted to practice law in any U.S. jurisdiction and who establish their authority to adjudicate the rights and liabilities of parties in adversarial proceedings other than arbitration on a full time basis, and who make final decisions affecting the rights and liabilities of parties, notwithstanding a right of appeal of the non-prevailing party, including Virginia magistrates; and, who are Virginia licensed lawyers at the time of application to the judicial class of membership, or preside in a tribunal located in Virginia, or, by virtue of the applicant’s official position, have the authority to, and regularly, judicially interpret Virginia law, qualify for judicial class membership in the Virginia State Bar. They may become judicial members by filing an annual affirmation with the Virginia State Bar which identifies their tribunal or jurisdiction, address of record, and judicial title. They are not required to pay dues but are entitled to all the privileges of active members except that they cannot vote nor hold office in the Virginia State Bar. Former judges who do not engage in the practice of law and are ineligible to transfer to the retired class of membership may retain their judicial class membership by completing the annual affirmation indicating their previous title and tribunal or jurisdiction.

Read the Court's full Order.

Updated: Jan 18, 2023