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November 25, 2013

Judicial Workload Study Finds Need for More Judges

The National Center for State Courts has completed an eighteen-month study of how and where Virginia’s judges are allocated and has found that judicial boundaries should remain as they are and that the state is suffering from a shortage of judges.

            The study was requested by the Virginia General Assembly in 2012. The Supreme Court of Virginia hired the NCSC to develop a weighted caseload system and address the issue of boundary realignment. The NCSC conducted the study between May 2012 and October 2013.

            In its Virginia Judicial Workload Assessment Report, the NCSC recommends that the General Assembly:

  • Fill nearly all current circuit court vacancies and create an additional thirteen judgeships to bring the total from 158 to 171;
  • Fill at least six of the current nine vacant general district court judgeships to bring the total number of sitting judges to 124;
  • Increase the number of juvenile and domestic relations judgeships from 117 to 134;
  • Retain the current court structure and existing jurisdictional boundaries.
Updated: Nov 25, 2013